Advice plz :(

I have had 6th nerve palsy and my eye has no returned to nearly normal a little slower than the other and not quite working along side the other leaving me with double vision this resulted in Lp and steroids which I finished last Friday. I would really like to hear from other that have exp this or have any advice for me. I may be being impatient and keep getting told it will return to normal. I am not yet dx :slight_smile: Thank you Kirsty x x

hi kirsty

i have had bell’s palsy (is this the same as 6th nerve palsy?). i had it when i was 17 and again when i was 48.

got diagnosed with ms at 50.

it’s one of those things that seems to have links to ms. my neuro scribbled when i told him.

my face returned to normal but when i am very tired or stressed it starts to slide again.

it is doing that right now as i’ve had a really bad couple of weeks. my eldest son wrote his car off (although thankfully he’s ok), then we were burgled and my motability car was stolen. my husband is drinking more than i like and then the fridge freezer broke down.

but i’ve learned that things pick up again, just hope it’s soon.

take care, good luck with the diagosis

carole x

My wife reckons it would be a good idea to see an Opthamologist?


Thank you. Sorry to hear all about that Carole, sounds like you could do with a break right now, it could be possible that it’s similar to your exp and in my exp has been related to other symptoms of ms. I am feeling a little better in myself and would really love to see single vision again lol am due back to work next week and was hoping it would be sorted. Thanks Marcus I may go back see if they can help at all. I just keep getting told it will return be patient something I lack lol! I suppose I,m gonna have to learn too. Thanks again Kirsty :wink: x x x

Hi Kirsty. My son is an eye surgeon. My mum has recently had sixth nerve palsy. She has a little plastic thing attached to her glasses on the bad eye which helped. My son told her that sixth nerve palsy usually gets better within three months. Whether that is different in people with ms I don’t know.