Optic Nerve

Hello everyone hope you are not suffering to much in this heat. Today I went to Moorfields eye hospital and was informed that my optic nerve was very thin. I am due to see an Optic Neuritis specialist in October and if he couldn’t help me they would explore other avenues. I feel rather worried that I am losing my sight in this eye, so my question is very simple. Has anyone else had this and what was the outcome? Be grateful for any replies. Janet x

Oh Janet.

That must be very scarey.

Last time I went to the Eye Hospital they said that my Optic Nerve in my right eye was very pale. Apparently it should be pick but mine is more like white They also said it was very flat.

I have lost my sight in that eye completely a couple of times during a relapse but after wearing an eye patch and putting an ice pack on it for 24hrs is usually comes back to the blurred visiion that I always have in it. Better than completely black though.

I hope they can sort it for you as my biggest fear is going blind. I dread the day when the eye patch and ice pack stops working.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie, Thanks so much for replying. That is my fear that I will lose my sight in that eye, the doc’ said the blood is not getting through properly, so what you said makes sense. It is a scary time. I did suggest that I change my glasses in the hope of it helping but he said not to waste my money. I just hope this specialist in Optic Neuritis can do something. Out of curiosity Shazzie which hospiotal did you go to? Like you it’s my biggest fear as well. Thanks once again, it means a lot. Janet x x

That’s ok Janet. You have been there for me when I needed reassurance so I am here for you.

I first went to Bristol Eye Hospital and saw Dr Ormerod who specialises in MS and ON and he referred ne to Frenchay Hospital where he also works part time so I see a Consultant Neuro there and also Dr Ormerod is there if I need him.

Hope this helps.

Shazzie xx

I used to see Dr Ormerod at Frenchay! I saw him when I had some seizures years back. After my MRI scans he suspected MS. He was my neuro for years. I now see Dr Cotterell at the BrAMS (Bristol and Avon MS) centre at Frenchay Hospital.

I like Dr Ormerod, and would say you’re seeing a good neruo.

Thanks Shazzie and Ellen, Unfortunately living down south Moorfields is my only choice for specialists in Optic Neuritis. I just hope I get the help I badly need, just as you both did. Thanks once again for replying and telling me of your experience. I’m very grateful. Janet x

That’s ok Janet.

Ellen, I see Dr Cottrell from time to time too, along with the nurses Denise, Kate, Carole and lovely Gemma. I really hope that the centre stays so well organised with it moves to Sourthmead, if it does.

Shazzie xx