Double vision/cross eyed

Has this ever happened to anybody else, where it feels like you can’t uncross your eyes? It’s wonderful, I had to go home from work yesterday (and aren’t going in today) the as I couldn’t see my spreadsheets properly and it was giving me a proper headache and making me nauseated. Perfect tome to on a team of 4 with one lad off on maternity, my boss and as worried I’d be off. Just wondering of this has occurred to anybody else?

I’ve just realised how awful that reads, apologies but you know bad eyes and trying to use a phone.

yes axe187. it happend to me a few years back. its what took me to the doctors before i knew anything about ms. i ended up in hospital for a few days and the tests started and to the ms dx.

at the time i was told that my brain was swolen and thats what was causing the double vision and cross eyes. 3 days of steriods were given and it took a bit of time for my vision to come good. i was advised to try an eye patch and alternate each eye. it worked and i was able to get on with things, driving etc.

get to your docs or contact your ms nurse if you have one as it sould like a relapse to me

atb MTT

Ah poo, I was hoping I’d just strained my eyes but yeah probably a relapse isn’t it, fun fun. I knew something would happen while we were down on staff at work too.

I am suffering from the same right now. This is 5 weeks now, but it is improving at last. Doc sent me to eye people, who covered my glasses left lens with tape so I only see out of one eye. This solves the prob and makes it possible and legal to drive. They also sent me for ct scan of my head in the unlikely event that it wasn’t ms doing this to me but some other cause. Hope yours gets better soon and you get help. Dave

I think I have an old pair of glasses I’d done that too from when my optic neuritis first flared up. Just gotta get back to work really. 5 weeks though, that sounds like a right pain.