Fatigue and funny feeling in eye sight

Hi Hoping someone can at least say they know what I mean. The last couple of weeks I am absolutely exhausted and my eyes although I can see and read if cover each eye my eyes feel funny. I think it is the weather but am so scared I am on the slippery slope. The MS Nurse thinks I am tired and over doing things. There is only so much I can cut back on as work full time. We had a long chat on Friday and she doesn’t feel that I need steroids, which I was relieved about as haven’t had to use them yet. If I move my head too quick or change my eye direction to quick my head feels strange like head rush. Has anyone else experienced this? Also diet wise are there certain foods I should include which can help with energy? Tracey

Hi Tracey,

Yes I totally understand what your talking about this is one of my biggest symptoms. It usually starts with feeling more tired than usual and sometimes a headache. My left eye is worse but can effect both and although I can see its a weird sensation, my eye actually goes into a spasm which other people can see. The vision sort of fades in and out again but so quickly as not to effect my vision dramatically. I find light really makes it worse expecially at night, I have got anti-glare glasses for driving at night now but I usually only need glasses for close up. I find a 20 minute rest when it gets bad helps, just to sit and close my eyes obviously with work and home life it can be difficult. I found that I started craving sweet things but this only gives a short relief to the fatigue, I am on symmetrel 2 tablets before 1pm every day seems to help.

Angie x

Thank you so much for replying x x So scared at the moment that I’m going downhill and going to have to reduce hours at work which is a massive thing. Xx

Yeppers its like your eyes or vision is playing catch up or lags behind what your head is doing, I use to get pin prick stabbing pain in right eye and sometimes I would see a flash in the corner of my eye bright white whizzing past, seeing as I’ve never been into space it can’t a gamma rays.

Anyway I had various eye tests and all fine despite that pain, it does go away but its still good to get a eye test done and they do that pressure test puffer thingy.

I had my eyes lasered and did have 20/20 then eyes went soft so glasses when driving but every so often they go back to normal and I can see fine. MS is so quirky.

Yes, I get this too but slightly different. It’s usually worse in the late afternoon/ evening when I’m more tired but when I move my eyes side to side or my head too quickly, it’s like a weird sensation in my head. My eyesight is not affected at the moment and I don’t get any flashes or anything. It’s almost as if I can feel my heartbeat extra strong when I move my eyes to the side. I realise this sounds a bit mad and I have real difficulties trying to explain it to my MS nurse, so nothing has been suggested as I don’t think they know what I’m trying to describe. I’m wondering if it’s like another version of l’hermettes (the common electric shock feeling that people with MS get down their spine) I get this from time to time but not at the moment- the eye thing is constant though and although it’s not painful, it’s irritating and makes me dizzy. I also work full time so taking a nap is not an option unfortunately.

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About twenty years ago I developed double vision and when I covered one eye I could see properly without the double bit. I went to see an optician and ended up with glasses she said it was a result of both the need for glasses and the stress of MS that had caused the episode!

A month ago I got new glasses and the optician referred me to the Hospital for eyesight tests. I went last week and endured some tests it was awful trying to hold on to a button to click when I saw lights flash and at the same time keep my head and chin still in a frame. I cannot stand anymore and the machine was in no way wheelchair/disabled friendly so when I go back for the results in two weeks I will know more.


Hi, please don’t think you are in decline … the vision disturbance is part of the MS and it does come and go but I don’t think it is something that is permanent. As with everything, if you are tired (in the normal sense of the word) or under pressure at work to complete a piece of work within a deadline or you are just not feeling 100% then all the MS symptoms are likely to be worse. Whilst I now have the luxury of not having to work, when I did work full time and before I told work I had MS, I would often lie on the back seat of my car with a pillow and close my eyes for 20 minutes which helped with the fatigue and it also rested my eyes for a while. If you can’t rest then try and get some fresh air every now and then and sit somewhere and close your eyes for a few minutes. In terms of food then like another person said I tend to reach for the short fix sugar rush chocolate bar … I know I should eat healthy food but I just don’t have the energy to cook or prepare stuff in advance. I’m not an expert but I would suggest you just eat some carbs in the morning (porridge is good with blackcurrant jam on !!) and then eat whatever you want when you are working (snack bars too) then try and eat protein and veg for tea & then a treat of some sort after …as a reward for making it through another day at work !! I hope things improve for you soon. Janet

I realise this post is so dated but I wondered if you ever got to the bottom of your eye problems

Hi. I recently at night in bed while sleeping will suddenly wake up as if from a bad dream. It might seem strange but it’s like a black flash. Like the lights have gone out. It lasts seconds. Can anyone else relate to this? Thanks