optic neuritis?

What does optic neuritis feel like?

I woke up with awful vertigo last november and my left eye was watery and pains behind and above it. My eyes felt really fatigued and my eyelid felt lower than normal. I had bad headaches. I went to the opticians and everything was ok. Does this mean it wasnt or would the optician not have spotted it. My head hasn’t been the same since and i have some kind of head symptom most days.

My left eye has started twitching today and it feels odd, i am hoping this isn’t a relapse even though i am still in limboland after having a clear lumbar puncture but 6 lesions.

I had a period a while back where my vision became blurred and the eyes themselves hurt when moving. My GP referred me to an ophthalmologist at a&e who found no physical cause. He told me it was likely to be neurological pain rather than physical. Maybe your experiencing something similar? Might be worth asking to see an ophthalmologist, as they can see a lot more than high street opticians.

Hth, leora

I have just been diagnosed with ON although have no MS diagnosis. I have pain around the top of my eye which feels almost muscular. It’s like a sprain but very painful. I would describe my vision as being permanently as though I have looked at a bright light for too long. I am unable to read or work on a computer with that eye alone. My vision has become very patchy with this burning after-image almost ‘in the way’ of my normal sight. Also, colours have become washed out, or bleached looking when compared to my ‘normal’ eye. Reds, greens and yellows in particular have lost their vibrancy. I hope this helps xx