optic neuritis?

What does optic neutitis feel like?

Last year i had terrible vertigo, fatigue and my left eye felt weird. It was watery, pains behind it and it felt like my eyelid was lower down. I had awful pains above my eye and twitching. I went to the opticians and everything was ok. Does this mean it wasn’t optic neuritis or would the optician not be able to see it?

My eye has started twitching again today and it feels odd and i feel off balance, i am worried that its another relapse even though i am still in limboland after having a clear lumbar puncture but 6 lesions

A few days before my vision problems my affected right eye,felt strained (quite painful) and a headache. I lost almost all sight in that eye and a few days after a ON DX. it hurt a lot - a tearing feeling - if I looked to the side.

ON is DX by symptoms and signs (like MS) Opticians are aware of ON but not much more. They can refer to ophthalmolgy. I don’t thick twitching and balance are part of ON but could be related and a wider relapse. I’d go to see the GP to get it on record at least - or do you have a MS nurse?

I can’t answer your original question but I don’t understand why you wouldn’t be diagnosed with CIS if you had symptoms and have lesions. It is what happened to me and I did pass an evoked potentials test. Obviously I don’t want ms but it means that if I have another episode I will be diagnosed. Why are we treated differently?

I posted this on another question the same, but thought it might help to add it here: I have just been diagnosed with ON although have no MS diagnosis. I have pain around the top of my eye which feels almost muscular. It’s like a sprain but very painful. I would describe my vision as being permanently as though I have looked at a bright light for too long. I am unable to read or work on a computer with that eye alone. My vision has become very patchy with this burning after-image almost ‘in the way’ of my normal sight. Also, colours have become washed out, or bleached looking when compared to my ‘normal’ eye. Reds, greens and yellows in particular have lost their vibrancy. I hope this helps.