Hi all, just need a bit of advice, I never really had a lot eye problems, thank god, eye pain, in the eye, going through to the back, only had a blurred vision once, but just lately seem to be having problems with my right eye which is the bad one, feels heavy, like something is pricking it, a bit sore, had my eyes tested a month ago, floaters, nothing to worry about there, but he was concerned about possible retina detached, and said to be aware of that, go to A&E if that happened, the whole of the eyeball does not feel right at all, any ideas, take care, Jean x

Hi Jean,

Your descriptiion does sound like a bout of Optic Neuritis. Either way it needs checking out, so I would take myself off to A & E, although when it happened to me my gp gave me a letter to be seen quicker in the eye department. Could you not ring him/her and ask for such, and which hospital to go to.

They tested my eyes, looked through that piece of machinery with blue lights (that made it worse) then told me I had ON and would I consider steroids, but then the consultant said they may help clear it up faster but not affect any damage. I decided not to bother. As for the pain, in the end got prescribed amytryptiline 25mg which I took 3 times daily. They knocked me out for a while, but at least some of the pain went into the background. Couldnt get rid of it altogether but it helped.

Do keep us informed of progress,

best wishes J,



I’ve had Optic Neuritis for many years but I got a dark patch appearing to the side and was rushed to hospital where I got an operation for a retinal detachment the next morning. VERY important to catch in time so please beware of dark areas/curtain like thing and maybe flashing lights. Upset me greatly the whole experience.

Good luck, and I hope it’s just ON playing games with you.


I reckon that a quick whack of oral steroids may help you


thank you for all you’re replies, I will get this checked out, Jean x