optician called me back

The Optician has called me back for third time now to do field test on my left eye.Should i tell her about my gp reffering me to a neurologist.Could it be to all my symptoms.Any ad vice be great. Lynda

it could be optic neuritis.

something i’ve never had but a great many people with ms have it.

anyway good luck.

at least you have different professionals trying to find out what is wrong.

carole xxx

Hi Lynda,

Yes, of course tell them! Why should it be a secret? If they’re being thorough, they usually ask if there are any known health issues anyway, as this could in some cases cause eye problems, so if they’re aware there is a “known issue” (even if it’s not diagnosed) they’ll be primed for the sort of thing to look out for. I don’t think shutting up and waiting to see if they notice anything for themselves is the way to go. Always be as frank as you can with all of your health professionals - tell them anything that might have a bearing.

I must admit, though, my last optician was quite curt and dismissive when I told him I have MS. He virtually snapped: “Well we can’t do anything about that!”, as if I’d been asking him to. I wasn’t asking him to do anything about it - I just thought it was relevant background he ought to know, as he might detect some anomalies during the tests.

It seemed almost devious to wait to see if he found anything, and then announce: “Oh yeah, I’ve got MS!”



Thanks for reply carole guess theres a reason why my left eye so blurry then best wishes to you carole thankyou x

Thanks Tina for reply and how rude can some professionals be thats awful yes i will inform them ask her to write to my gp wishes x

Yes Sparky, tell your optician everything.

When I first informed my optician of my MS diagnosis, he recommended I have a yearly eye test instead of the usual two-yearly. I now receive an annual reminder. There is no charge for this extra test, the NHS cover it, but I believe that it has to be recommended by a registered optician. I have had ON twice, many years ago, but don’t have much problem with my vision now, just a little blurriness from time to time. Oh, and I wear bi-focals most of the time, but that’s not MS related.

Thanks for the comment ben i wear bi-focals too just got new ones thats why i had my tests but my left eye still playing up .so glad you’re vision has improved all the best to you .

Thanx jackie and all the best to you.

I had this last week failed field vision test and have had MS symptoms. X

Hope you get sorted rally3108 im waiting for my first neuro appointment .how about you have you seen a neurologist yet?

Thanks. No not seen one went to the doctors today though and she said might be MS. Going to have blood tests to make sure nothing else causing my symptoms then if they ok will be talking to Drs again. Opticians are writing to the doctors to asking them to refer me to hospital to see eye specialists.

When end do you have your neuro appt? Let us know how you get on.

Hi rally my gp referred me 4 weeks ago she thinks my numbness pin n needles and muscle spasms also loss of balance may be ms and also the problem with my left eye.I have not yet got my neuro appointment.will keep you posted.Wish you well.

Hmm went to docs booked a telephone appointment with my gp as i couldn’t get to see her no slots wanted to ask her about my refferal as its nearly 7 weeks not heard anthing.Turns out she had given them my old address from 6 years ago ??? Why i say when on my prescriptions it’s my right address.She doesn’t think an appointment will have been sent out yet.Was not pleased

Oh no Sparky! Your doctors surgery sounds as good as mine. :frowning: Keep us posted.

It may not be ON, could just (just?) be a failure of some of the receptors in the retina of that eye.

Having said that, the human visual system is somewhat complex (like some of the things you see to your left, come from the right eye). This is why visual field tests are always done one eye at the time.

Yes, you should tell your optometrist about the referral to a neuro (and say how long it is taking to come through). He/she is the best person to decide whether it is urgent or not.


Thanks Geoff x