Does this sound like a relapse

Ok long story short. I’ve had loads of problems over the last ten years. The first been vision problems that the nero think was on. Then last feb I woke up from a sleep and all my left arm was weak and holding a cup of tea was heavy that lasted about 6 weeks. And had lost of episode like that. Anyways fast forward to now. And my left arm is getting weak and my left leg. But it’s coming on much slower. It’s been getting worse for past 2 weeks or more. Can a relapse do this? Worried how bad it mite get. Thanks

i assume you’ve been diagnosed and therefore should have an ms nurse.

report your symptoms to your nurse or neuro.

if you haven’t been diagnosed see your gp and request a referral to neurology.

sorry if i sound muddled but that’s what my ms does to me.

a relapse can develop over a period of time and the recovery can take time. When this happens the boundaries between a relapse and a remission become blurred.

I’m a bit confused anon. Have you been diagnosed with MS? And if so, I assume it’s relapsing remitting?

If so, then yes, it does sound like it could be a relapse. You should get in touch with your MS nurse, I hope you have one. If not, you should maybe see your GP. Make sure it’s noted somewhere as a potential relapse.

If you haven’t been diagnosed with MS, but either have been tested and told it’s not, or are going through the diagnosis process, perhaps you again should see your GP. Or if you are still seeing the neurologist regularly, make sure s/he is aware of it. If you have an appointment coming up, tell him/her and if you don’t, try phoning his/her secretary and asking for the information to be fed through to the neuro.

Whatever your situation, it’s a very good idea to start keeping a diary, just recording what potentially neurological symptoms you have, when they start and how long they last.

All the best.