Does this sound like a relapse

Undiagnosed but had a host of symptoms for the last ten years. All my symptoms occur after a period of stress. I’ve had weakness come on suddenly in one and more limbs.also my first symptom was optical neuritis. But had 2 MRI 6 years apart spine and brain and nothing could be found. But 2 weeks ago I got myself very stressed and at first my arm would get tired quickly and over the past 2 weeks it’s spread to my other arm and going down my back and legs now and doesn’t seem to be stopping. My back is very tight and my other muscles feel the same I have to bend them for relief.and I just don’t feel right or myself. My whole body is aching. I though relapse came on quickly over hours or days. The last time I had weakness in my right arm I woke up with it. Can relapse progress over weeks ?

MS is different for everyone. And relapses can come on slowly or rapidly, even for the same person.

As you’ve had MRIs in the past that have shown you didn’t have MS then, chances are you still don’t have MS. So as for whether relapses come slowly or quickly, it’s likely to be irrelevant for you.

Having said that, if you’re worried, see your GP and see what s/he thinks. If it looks like your symptoms have a neurological cause, then you could be referred to a neurologist.

But don’t forget, stress can bring on all sorts of problems. So what seems to be a neurological problem for you, may be a reaction to a stressful time. That doesn’t mean you’re not suffering from physical symptoms, but that if you can reduce your stress, maybe you’ll recover your health.

Best of luck.