is this a Relapse?

I’ve had funny numb patches all over my body for 6 months that doctors have said are nothing to worry about. Last week I developed weakness in my arm, it was so bad that I couldn’t even click my knuckles (a bad habit i have), the weakness is now getting better but I still notice it. Does this sound like a relapse? Seeing a private GP because I’m sick of being fobbed off (I’m 22)

Worried22. I saw from another post that you’ve been told not to worry about MS. There is a HUGE difference between perceived weakness and clinical weakness. Your doctor found no signs of clinical weakness so I think you need to try and stop worrying. You have also been referred to a neurologist so I understand so it’s just a case of waiting. Yes you could see a private GP or a different gp at your surgery but they can’t do anymore then your gp has done, which is send you to neurology. They cannot diagnose you with a neurological condition. Yes by all means see a neurologist privately if you don’t wish to wait but unless you can afford to have the tests done privately, e.g. MRI etc then you will have to have them done via NHS which naturally has a waiting list. The benefit of a private neurologist is that you get the initial consultation much quicker which is often enough to ease any fears before tests. Be cautious about what people tell you about waiting times. They vary massively depending on where you are in the country. I had my MRI within 3 weeks of gp referral and saw a neurologist within 3 months so everywhere is different. I know your concerned about ms and relapses and ppms but you’ve been told it’s unlikely and there is no weakness so let the doctors do their jobs and have faith in what they are telling you. Anxiety and stress can have very real physical manifestations.

If you really can’t cope you could always ask your gp to refer you for the MRI. That’s what my gp did. Its a radiologist that reads the MRI and they send a report to the referring doctor. Whilst a gp can’t decipher the meaning of mri themselves they can pass on whether it’s normal or not because the radiologist would have said so in the conclusion part of report. (All based on my own experience). Anyway, try not get ahead of yourself with talk of relapses until you’ve got some idea of what’s going on with you.

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Thank you, I just saw a private GP who did a full 30 minute exam, she said there was nothing wrong other than the numb patches and that they should clear up if I keep on top of my iron tablets.

I’m truly convinced that I have PPMS. My weakness came on suddenly and I swear it’s not perceived. I physically can’t carry some things. I’m only 22 this is so unfair. My sensation is altered on my arms and back. I’m terrified and my whole family are convinced it’s just anxiety. I’ve had anxiety long enough to know this isn’t it

Dear Worried

What Cherry Tree has said might sound a bit harsh, but she’s right. It doesn’t sound as though you have MS to most of us. It doesn’t seem as though it’s MS to the GPs who have examined you although you have anyway been referred to a neurologist.

The journey to any kind of diagnosis is long. You are not likely to get any answers from us on the forum other than the ones we’ve given.

Try not to be so very worried. Anxiety is not good for you regardless of whether there is a cause.


Hi Sue,

I know and I’m praying that you’re right, but I’m dizzy everyday, have loss of/decreased sensation in all limbs and my right arm just doesn’t function as easily as it used to. I struggle to hold a pen properly sometimes. These are all very real symptoms and something must be causing them. I just pray that it’s not MS, because I’m too young. I’ve only just started living