Not Improving

About 7 weeks ago my vision started failing. Started with lots of dots then got double vision in my right eye as well as a patch in my right eye where I couldn’t see anything, like a blind spot. After I was admitted to hospital and started taking Amytriptiline the blind spot and double vision cleared up but I can still see millions of dots. I’m still having patches of numb/tingling that comes and goes and I’m so tired all the time. The neurologist says he is confident that I have MS though I may need more scans and tests to confirm.

My question is how long do relapses normally last? I’m sure its different for everyone but from what I have read optical neuritis normally only lasts about 5 weeks.

Last night and this morning I feel like its coming back as it was when I was put in hospital, the tingling is getting worse and the past week or so I have been having trouble getting through the day without energy drinks (can’t stand coffee)

Sorry for rambling but any advice would be welcome.

I’m still waiting for my follow up appointment with my neurologist.

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