Relapse Over?

So after six months of my symptoms getting worse and  whole new batch of symptoms appearing, I woke up this morning and don't feel too bad :)

I still have tingling, crawling sensations and a fine tremor, my balance is still poor, however I no longer feel so exhausted and I definitely have more movement/strength in my legs and I don't have face, eye thigh or pelvic pain or tightness.

The only difference is 3 weeks ago my Amitriptyline was increased and I've spent most of the last week resting in bed, could this have had such an effect?

Does this mean that I don't have MS at all or is it possible that the relapse is over?

Also I don't have optic neuritis however my ability to focus isn't great and I see floaters and have some blurring, do other MSers have these symptoms without having optic neuritis.

With any luck, it is indeed the beginning of the end of the relapse! It can take months for things to improve, but that feeling when you wake up and realise that things aren't so bad is usually a good sign!

Meds and rest can have an amazing effect. Don't go and spoil all their hard work by overdoing things now though - you need to pace yourself and let your body continue to get better.

ON is the most well known thing that MSers get wrong with their vision, but there are lots of others things that can go wrong. The best thing to do is to go and see an ophthalmologist - your GP can refer you.

Karen x