After feeling brushed off my my neurologist, I've been back to my GP. 

Apparently the neurologist has written the GP a 3 page letter coming to the conclusion that he would like to treat for Fibromyalgia at the present and only run further tests for MS if absolutely necessary although he acknowledges that it's highly possible i do have MS given my symptoms and family history. 

I've been to see a special optician and at the time (I was feeling well in myself) and I didn't have optic neuritis or any other abnormalities other than in one eye the myelination of the optic disk continues into the retina following the optic nerve fibres .  However I'm still experiencing double vision and blurriness at times so why is this happening?

Does optic neuritis go away when a relapse is over then reoccur or is it always present?

So I'm not sure if I have fibromyalgia or MS or both?  This is so frustrating! I'm actually no further forward in getting a firm diagnosis at allangry

GP has upped my Amitriptyline to 75mg a day and put me on 400mg of Tramadol, which is helping with the pain but not with the muscle stiffness in my pelvis and thighs or any of the other symptoms (tremors etc)



Hi, I`m wondering if baclofen would help. I take 30mg at night to reduce spasms and spasticity (tightness and rigidity in muscles)

I also take 75mg amitriptyline each night. This is good to keep nerve pain at bay, for me.

Some think it is to blame for their weight gain.

Not sure about that regarding I know I eat too much crap!

Luckily for me, i`ve never had an eye problems, so I can`t answer your question on that, sorry.

I`m still trying to get a definite diagnoses......after 14 yrs!

luv Pollx

Double vision is different to optic neuritis (ON) and is normally caused by the eye muscles not working together properly. Eye muscles might not be working properly because of a problem with the muscles, but it can also be because of damage to the nerve that controls them.

Blurred vision can have loads of different causes; ON is only one.

So, basically, the double vision and the blurred vision might have nothing to do with ON and that might be why they are still happening but the ON is better.


Whether ON keeps coming back or is always there is a really hard question to answer. Some people never get ON, some people get it once and never again, some people get it a lot - so as with most MS things, it is massively variable. The same kind of thing applies to whether or not it is always there: some people recover really brilliantly from it, but some people are left with permanent loss of vision - it all depends on how well the damage is repaired.


As far as what the neuro has said, I would guess you could assume that you definitely have a fibro diagnosis and that, if anything else happens, an MS diagnosis is highly likely after some more tests. Not terribly helpful though is it?!! I wonder why he isn't doing the tests now?


Like Poll, I'm wondering whether something like baclofen would help your stiff muscles. Perhaps your GP would let you try it? - it's a widely prescribed med and I don't think it's contraindicated for fibro - your GP would know (hopefully!).


Karen x

Thanks Poll & Karen for your advice. 

The neuro's words to me in the appointment were that I've had these symptoms for a number of years and am obviously coping so he didn't see any need to investe them further.


He spoke to me about trying Diazapan for the spasticity but I was reluctant as it's so addictive.

I will speak to my GP about trying Baclofen. :)