never ending symptoms?

I’m worried that I’ve had constant pins and needles, reduced sensations waist down to feet, saddle anaesthesia affecting bowel and bladder for 12 weeks non stop. I had 3 days iv steroids in hosp end may, have made no difference to symptoms. I’m awaiting outcome tests re Ms, I have optic neuritis confirmed recently. My eye has been blurred and painful in the heat this week and I’m struggling with fatigue. Should i expect for this to improve? I was diagnosed with TM originally but now thinking i have loads MS symptoms. Do relapses last this long?

hi jules

a relapse can last 12 weeks, it lasts as long as it bloody well wants!

TM is a lot like ms so bear in mind that it might still be that.

treat yourself kindly, eat well and rest as much as you need.

wishing you well

carole x

Thanks for your reply Carole. The limbo land waiting is proving v stressful, not helped by the hot weather not being as enjoyable as usual! Fatigue and eye pain, legs give up as soon as heat or sun comes out!! But, like you say, got treat myself kindly and try get thru… It’s v confusing having tm as well or maybe this is all tm…got lots questions to ask Ms specialist end aug…but some may be like “how long is a piece of string?” Type questions! Lol. Jules

hi jules

that is the worse thing about those precious appointments.

write your questions down as you think of them.

by the time your appointment comes round, you should have enough for your neuro.