Diagnosed Feb 2021 - will my eyes improve?

Hi everyone I was misdiagnosed with a mini stroke back in oct 18 but since 30/12/20 I’ve had other symptoms finally resulting in being ambulanced into hospital end of jan this year as they thought I was having another stroke as lost the use of my left side & had vision problems. After 2 weeks in hospital I got my diagnosis of relapsing remitting MS & told my mini stroke in oct 18 was infact my first episode! So lots to take in I’m currently on monthly Tysabri infusions but my main question is how long did everyone’s eye problems last for? I’ve had problems since 9th Jan this year just curious how long people experience vision problems for?

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For most people who start with MS, usually the first sign is eye problems. It can be blurred vision, or even temporary blindness in one eye, but this usually lasts for a week or so and clears up. It is called optic neuritis and is usually discovered by an optician or optometrist during a routine eye test.

This is a short article on MS and optic neuritis by the MS Trust at

Thanks for your reply pins & needles in both my legs were my first symptom then the eye problems started a couple of weeks later but I’ve had them since 9th January. Waiting fir my mri results from 20th April to see if that will shed any light on it