hello - fairly new to this MS


my names Dave and i have had optic neuritis at least twicce leading to an eventual mri confirming ms.

that was last year and some,

this last 3 months however i have lost my balance i suffer severe fsatigue i cant walk straignt - my legs hurt - my left arm is almost numb - and my speech keeps going off or i keep loosing words.

im a manager of a small company and im very worried i cant do it any more - i just has my mri result and theres one inflamed lesion looks like size of a 2 pound coin or bigger.

i also have the worst back pain i can describe and i dont even know if its related.

im waiting for a letter from an ms nurse that my neurologist has arranged.

im scared… my wife understands but i dont think she understands how severe my symptoms are, oh and i keep getting double vision!

hope this new p[ost is allowed - some forums frown on new posts so sorry if i broke the rules - if so may be a moderator could move it.

anyway im definately relapsing remiting but i dont know how long to expect this to last , im unmedicated and in so much pain but im back to work monday having only been signed off for one week… any ideas anyone ?

thanks so much