Hi and your help please!

Hi everyone, I’ve not posted here for a very long time! I was diagnosed with benign ms back in 2005. I had a few problems with optic neuritis up until 2007 when I started to get some numbness in my left leg. Again in 2009 i had two episodes of numbness/tingling in my left leg but it radiated to my left arm too. I was seen by the neurologist and MRI performed, where they said the lesions had progressed and I was now upgraded to relapsing remitting ms. The team offered me disease modifying drugs but my husband and I wanted another child so held off. I suffered the most debilitating relapse in February this year, where I lost complete feeling below my waist and was unable to walk unaided. This relapse was a complete shock to me and I really struggled with the thought of my ms progressing further. I am working part time (two 13 hour shifts a week) and I am struggling with many more symptoms now, such as neuropathic pain and lots of cramps in both legs. Yesterday I have become numb all down my right side and again this is difficult to deal with. I have been referred back to the neurologist, my appointment is this Thursday. I just wanted to know if anyone has any ideas what I should expect this time and if anyone has any questions they think I should ask? Thanks in advance xx