Are your relapses like this?

I will try and make this short… I’m new to this forum,need advice please? I relapsed although undiagnosed with ms, I knew it was coming on as I had loads of energy past few days and LOADS of flashing lights in vision,then today bang, I just couldn’t stay awake, I was out for about an hour, pains and stiffness in my body feeling it whilst seeming to drift in and out of conciousness, when I came round I was still highly fatigues, confused, back killing me, legs tingling,hot as anything, sweating profusely, dizzy and my walking like an old lady, legs going out from under me, legs all over the place… my question is… do you diagnosed m.s sufferers experience anything like this? I also get muscle spasms, poor concentration, poor memory, pains though out my body like proper pins and needles, glass cutting me, hot feelings, cold feelings like water has been split on me, aching joints, aching bones, cheekbone, collor bones, new one is numbness in my throat and lip, I see a white light in my left eye at the bottom move slowly when go I go into he dark and crystals type lights moving at the top of left eye, blue flashes and black spots in my right eye,shaking on my right side,… I’ve been getting all this since 2010 and even when my walking is so bad I’ve had to crawl about on a relapse,the doctor still denies to test me for m.s… thank you for reading this and wonder if anyone can offer any advice or similar experience

Hi Janey,

I’m sure someone more experienced than me on this forum will answer your concerns, but I’m also new to this forum and haven’t been diagnosed with anything yet but suffer from a lot of the same symptoms as you except the vision problems. Currently going into my 3rd week with this flair up.

I know how frustrating it can be with the doctors, just try and stay positive.

I’m no doctor but I would ov thought that you needed to see a neurologist with those problems. Have you thought about going private?

Wish you all the best and hope you get to the bottom of this!


Thank you for your reply. Sorry you are going through similar. I went to the doctor again today and finally saw one who listened… she’s refereed me for E.G.G and a neurologist. I did see one some years back but he was very demeaning and said I needed a psychiatrist which upset me loads as I told him I feel these things and pain it’s not all in my head. Hopefully this new one will be better. I also hope you get the answers you need

Hi Janey

It’s a good thing that you’ve now been referred to a neurologist as well as for an EEG.

To be honest, what you described at the beginning of your post doesn’t sound like my experience of MS. But that’s utterly irrelevant because everyone is different.

The only thing I would say is that an MS relapse is usually comprised of a new or a repeat symptom which lasts for at least 24 hours and occurs at least a month after the last occurrence of that symptom (or be something new). So if what you are describing as a relapse is something which lasts minutes or hours, it might not be classified as a relapse.

I hope you get your appointments through soon and that you get some answers to what sounds like severe symptoms that you’ve suffered for a long time.


Thank you for your reply Sue. That’s the description of what happened yesterday and now still today I’m weak, my right lower leg has pins and needles,I’ve been fatigued, sharp pains in places, blurry vision,fuzzy head and back is killing me. With this one a new symptom has been going on the past few days before yesterday and that’s my shoulder has been killing me. Not sure if this would count as any thing plus my face bones has been hurting a lot. When I’ve had this kind of thing happen over the years it’s lasted for between a day and 10 days was the longest? Each time it happens it is either same symptoms much much worse and/or a new symptom. The last one was pain all in my collar bones? I really do appreciate you replying and please could you tell me if you’ve experienced my other symptoms mentioned other than the lights and falling asleep? Kind regards Janey

Hi again Sue… my last relapse was 5 weeks ago x