dealing with a relapse

Hi, after 4 years of being relatively well, I have relapsed. Since I’ve been so lucky in the past, I’m finding it a bit tricky to know what is ‘normal’ - like how long should it last? should I be working? etc It’s probably about 2 months now - of incredibly weak, achey (painful?) legs and fatigue. My nurse has given me Gabapentine. I thought it had cleared up but an attempt to return to work after xmas and a latent lurgy seem to have set me back. I know I need to rest, but can’t stay off work indefinitely … appreciate everyone is different, but any advice much appreciated

Anna I have PPMS so never had a relapse but if you are sick you need to be off work, if you dont pander to your MS it will keep biting you back and if you rest you at least stand some chance of it going.


After being diagnosed 6 years ago i had been symptom free. That is until late last year. Its incredibly frustrating staying at home. Ive had to quit work due to the fatigue.

I want to know how long until i can get my life back although i know no one can actually answer that.

Hi Anna,

You said it yourself, everyone’s different.

A relapse can last from days to months. There are no rules, so you can do anything you still feel up to, but if that doesn’t include work, so be it.



Hi Anna

Sorry to hear about your relapse. I think its a case of sitting it out unfortunately You could ask for a referral to a neuro physiotherapist, may help you get some strength back a bit sooner. I went down that route but paid privately. I only saw them once but they left me with a plan to follow and I do think it helped with my balance. Regardless, I felt like I was doing something about it anyway!

May be worth seeing if you can access one from work. Some companies offer stuff like that.