Diagnosed with MS 5 years ago and just had my 2nd relapse

Just seen a back consultant following 3 months of lower back pain & sensations in my right leg. GP & Physio all said it was mechanical and not MS. However MRI scan shows a plaque on my spine & no sign of a back problem, however likely to be my MS. Came away shaken & frightened as it’s 5 years since my first relapse and was hoping it was a single episode (Optic Neuritis) as it was so long ago. They’ve referred me to a Neurologist & had brain scan today to see how I’ve progressed. Have to say I’m angry & scared, but determined not to let this get to me. I’ve accepted I have MS but have been lucky only to have had 1 episode & not on any treatment. Obviously now concerned I’ll now have to start MS treatment plus be on gabapentine (been on for 3 months already) for some time. Lets see what the future holds.

Ahh bless ya. Hopefully it will be anothe 5 years or longer until the next one. As for treatment, you dn’t ‘have’ to take anything. Although I have had several relapses over the last couple of years, I still don’t use any medication. That part is completely up to you. Try not to be scared. It may not be bad news xx