neuro appointment today, at long last

hey guys n gals,

well i had my neuro appointment today after waiting for months since my referal, all the tests she had me doing were a little strange but i am so glad that its over and i was given the answers to some important questions.

the neuro informed me its r and r, spoke to me about seeing an ms nurse and spoke to me about possible treatments, i just have to wait again now for the ms nurse.

I do feel so glad its out the way and even more pleased to hear that i dont need to have a lumber puncture. (adam does a little jig…)

Sorry you got hat news Adam, read Clare’s thread on what to do now, Chis

Hi james,

Glad you got some answers, at least you know what you’re dealing with now, that must be a relief in itself. Best wishes, Emma x

i’ll check it out chris cheers, n thanks emma. big hugs

chris where do i find that thread from claire, i can’t seem to find it

Hello Adam,

Glad you’ve got a dx but sorry it’s ms. I also got my dx without having to have a LP. Hope your ms nurse is as good as mine.

Take care.



thanks janet,

i hope the ms nurse is ok too. i thought that my neuro would have read my notes before seeing me today, she had no idea about past possible relapses.

she said i would see the ms nurse within the next 6 months, this seems a long time to me taking into account that i’ve had 2 to 3 known relapses this year,

is it normal to wait for so long?

Have you had an mri Adam ? what did they say about your tests you had to do ?

When i saw my neuro he said my reflexes were not right one side?

At least you now know what your dealing with .6 months seems a very long time to me .Hopefully it wont take anywhere near that long

Sam x

Hi ADAM, where did James come from for heavens sake! In my defence I hadn’t slept for a couple of days due to night twitching (no not bird watching) had better night last night. Sorry! X

Hi Adam…as others have said…glad you got some answers at last and the LP isn’t on the table any ore…yippee!! hope all goes well to with the ms nurse…and there is loads of info you prob already know about… even so it’s allot to taken now it’s certain. you sound upbeat and positive though and a sense of humour…which you still retain is invaluable …lol …em