Diagnosis.....sort of!

Neuro went well this morning and more or less confirmed our suspicions. He thinks it RRMS. I’m not sure how I feel right now - numb, I think. The consultant was lovely, he’s been involved in a lot of research into ms, he was very thorough and very positive about the whole thing, looking at my history he thinks I’ve probably been living with it for 10 years! I can honestly say the last 10 years have been the best and the fact that I’ve remained active and even run 3 marathons during that time is quite reassuring. We’re just going through the motions of telling people which has been very interesting and at times upsetting - everyone reacts differently. I’m waiting for the hospital to ring, he’s asked for an urgent MRI - he’d like to start treatment - tysarbi - as soon as possible. New beginnings…

Hey hairbear

I’m sorry you have been told this looks like RRMS. I know nobody would ask to have MS but I hope that the good neuro and the MRI get you on the road to starting your treatment and at least you will have a name for what has been causing your symptoms and can get the support you need.

Even with your suspicians hearing it from a doctor is very different - it makes it very real. Uptil now there was still that hope that one day you’d wake up and it would perhaps all be gone but having the MS label you know thats not the case and its a difficult thing to digest. So its no wonder your emotions are all over the place at the moment. Take some time to let in sink in.

It sounds like you have a supportive husband which is exactly what you need at this moment in time. As for telling other people - do it of course if it feels like it is what you need to do. Otherwise there’s no rush you can tell distant family/friends in your own time when you feel up to it.

Once again I’m sorry about your news but glad you’ve sort of got your diagnosis.



Hello, Glad it went well but sorry about the diagnosis. Reemz said everything really well so I just wanted to send hugs. Sam x

Thank you both. Just waiting for my mum to arrive, she’s a glass half empty kinda person so I’m not looking forward to that conversation!

Really glad you got an answer, and that the neuro was so lovely. Sounds like you’re in excellent hands too :slight_smile:

Good luck with your mum!

Karen x

Hi Hairbear Glad to hear you know where you stand now. Sorry it is probably RRMS but this isn’t the end of the world - you can still have a full life which is obviously what you’ve been doing even though you, didn’t know you had MS. Hope you get Tysabri if that’s what is recommended. Hope your Mum copes well with your dx - mine hasn’t! Teresa xx

Thank you so much everyone, your support is really helping. Mum took it quite well (good job we have lots of tissues!). I’ve had so many texts from friends, I know I’ll have to talk to them soon too but for now, we have a couple of close friends coming round tonight and I intend to have a stiff drink with them! xx

You sound like you have a fab attitude that will help you along the way. x

You sound like you have a fab attitude that will help you along the way. x

Thank you everyone. Not sure how I feel this morning - I still can’t quite believe yesterday happened. I’ve been reading on the Internet about ms and it’s freaked me out a bit - not a good idea cos I know everyone’s ms experience is different. I need to stop worrying about possible progression and come to terms with the here and now - not easy. Shattered today but that’s no surprise as I didn’t sleep much. I hope everyone is ok in this hot weather Xx


Seriously - stick to the MSS and MS Trust for now. Their sites have good, objective information and lots of it. Once you’ve got your head around that and are more comfortable with the whole thing, then you’ll be in a better place to spot good from rubbish info and to put it into perspective.

Karen x

Thanks Karen - I’m trying to stay off google for now, too much information is a dangerous thing. Anyhow - I have an added distraction - hubby is inA & E after a mountain bike accident, possible broken arm!!! One question I do have - after a relapse do most of the symptoms disappear or do some of them linger? Symptom wise I’m much better today apart from tingly finger tips and feeling totally knackered!

Hi, thankyou for such a positive post! your experience, especially with such a wonderful neuro, will give other newbies/limbolanders hope.

Running marathons as well! marvelous!

Hope you respond well to treatment.

Look after yourself.

luv Pollx

Hi, me again.just read about your hubby…I do hope you both get molly coddled by the family/friends.

luv Pollx