It's Official Now

HI everyone - just thought I’d let you know that I saw the consultant on Tuesday and he’s given me a diagnosis of RRMS. I’m very appreciative of the fact that my GP told me the results of my MRI a couple of weeks ago and said that I would now probably get a diagnosis - it’s given me time to think about it and take it on board. I feel quite relieved now to know it’s official. I guess it goodbye to limboland and time to become acquainted with day to day living… Lots of questions flitting in and out of my head, so hope it won’t be too long before I get to see the MS nurse. Family, friends, manager at work have been really supportive; everyone is saying “what can I do to help” which is lovely, but the difficult stuff - all the strange symptoms, pains, frustrations of our journey, we get to do alone don’t we?. Oh dear typing that has made me all tearful - where’s the tissues and the choc biscuits? What a blessing this forum is - to know that there are others whose journeys are similar and who understand. Thank you folks for being there.


Another one turning to biccies (see rachyf)!!! We should recommend biccy therapy to NICE!! It’s all gonna be ok. Honest. Wipe those tears away.

Hey Hazel - it is a relief but a shock too. You’re right - all the really hard stuff we have to work through ourselves but with supportive friends and family, we do get there. Take things a day at a time. It does take a while to get your head round it. I am not sure if I am there yet and I was dx’d almost a year ago! Remember that we know how you feel and are happy to listen or be ranted or raved at! Thinking of you, Teresa xx

mrs h will lead you astray and it all starts with a biccie don’t do it lol xx

Thank you both. Teresa I’ve been telling folk that I need to take it a day at a time, but sometimes my ‘sensible head’ seems to wander off! And recommending biccy therapy to NICE is an excellent idea Mrs H!


rachyf - Thanks for the warning!!! lol

It’s not something you can really be sensible about though is it? Teresa xx

Harrumph!! I get the blame. LOL She’s right though. I’m a bad, bad girl. Xx

So we have noticed Mrs H but you do keep us amused…so we have you as nutter therapy and biccies from NICE…sorted.

As to your dx Hazel welcome aboard HMS MS and yes while we sometimes sail through storms, alot of the time we get clear water,and no matter what there are always people on here to help you through.

Take care


Ta muchly, Pip. I think this MS malarkey can be really rubbish sometimes and gets hard going. Humour is my way of dealing with and if I cheer others up too, all the better. Xx

Glad it’s all official now Hazel and you can get on with the day to day living with it bit. Do expect some emotional ups and downs in the coming months - it can get a bit overwhelming at times, especially (as you say) we get to experience the symptoms on our own and it’s really flippin’ hard to get people to understand what it’s like. There’s always here to let off steam though :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the diagnosis “housekeeping”: tell the DVLA and check through any paperwork that might have a critical health clause in it, e.g. your mortgage, because MS is claimable.

And never mind the biscuits - chocolate’s where it’s at :slight_smile:

Karen x

HI again - and thanks for all the comments and smiles. Teresa my sensible head tells me to accept the things I cannot change, learn to appreciate what I can do (like eat biccies!) and take a day at a time. I know it’s gonna be pretty rough at times and we all deal with it in different ways. It’s good to be able to smile through the tears isn’t it Mrs H? - and to have the support of others. And Pip where do I get my sailors hat for HMS MS?? :slight_smile: I guess I’m pretty ‘fortunate’ as my husband has had M.E. ,which has got loads in common with M.S. , for 20 years and so he’s got a pretty good understanding of what it’s like. What a decrepit pair we are! lol Thanks for the reminder Karen about telling the DVLA etc - and about the choc that I hid away for Christmas - now where did I hide it???

Hazel x

Here here!

So sorry about the diagnosis carrot-chocolate-crunchie-cruncher, I guess it’s no easier just because you expect it. Have a bit of (un)selfish you time while you get your head around it. Big hugs xxx

I have tears too…but sometimes life is just funny and I guess I just see humour, albeit sometimes black.