out of limboland.......

Finally out of limbo and into the even scarier land of rrms :frowning:

Ah, but at least you now know what the culprit is and somehow that makes it easier to face.

You’ve probably seen me post this a hundred times, but I do it because it is true: yes, MS sucks, but it is NOT the end of the world. It is still possible to live a long, happy and fulfilled life.

Life really can still be good.

Karen x

Hello & Welcome one guest to our jolly little band of msers. Remember we are here if you need to chat, moan, groan, grumble or ask questions. Hope you are coping well and getting your head around it all. Remember life goes go and it can be good.



Welcome from me too.

No need for it to be scary,just different-----but then again when does life ever go to plan.

There will be loads of questions along the way but there is always a wealth of info from people who really understand on here.

Take care and be kind to yourself


Hi One Guest

I’ve just been diagnosed too - so hugs from me. :slight_smile:


There’s a rush on at the moment! MrsH will be all out of scarves and badges. So sorry to hear about your diagnosis too - pretty scary stuff but, as everyone says, it’s better to know what you’re dealing with. Hope you’re coping. Big hugs xxx

Hi one guest

I’m still in limboland - onwards & forwards you go, carrying oodles of love & hugs. x

Hi and welcome. Scary, badge and peanut butter fudge do you?? Xx

Thanks everyone for all your support. Keep telling myself that I am the same person as i was last week but am finding it all snot daunting. I had a long chat with m.s nurse y day which helped. Not looking forward to telling my mum. My husband is finding it too scary and then feels guilty cos he feels he should be strong for me…it goes on… So yes pls to the fudge and badge and thank you for all the hugs. :slight_smile:

Lol…Shld say very daunting not snot daunting!

Hi one guest

Like sprout, I’m still in Limboland but just wanted to send you a hug and say that now that you know what it is, Karen’s right, it may seem easier to face. However you’re feeling at the minute, just know that there are many people out there who care and who will listen if you need to vent. Remember to not be afraid to ask questions. You need and deserve answers. Above all though, be kind to yourself.

sending you hugs and kind wishes,

Rae x