Joining the club!

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

So I was diagnosed with RRMS last week after symptoms of numbness/tingling in my left hand and vibrations down my spine (l’hermittes sign). To be honest, the diagnosis was a bit of a relief following a couple of MRIs and initially going down the carpal tunnel route. Thankfully I ended up having a good GP who referred me to Neurology following my concerns it may be MS.

I am meeting my MS nurse again at the end of July to discuss DMDs.

Looking forward to getting to know you all.


hi lightnings

welcome to the boards.

it’s not a good thing to be diagnosed with ms but neither is limbo land.

see you again soon

carole x


It really can be a positive thing to get a diagnosis I do hope you aren’t going to suffer a downturn of your emotions once you get your head around it.

Have a look at There is some really useful information in there especially for the newly diagnosed.

Also, see

It might help is you know what DMDs are available, their various pros and cons. If you know what the drugs are, then you’ll be able to make an informed decision together with your MS nurse in July.

Welcome to the forum, it’s a place none of us choose to be, but it’s a welcoming, friendly kind of place nonetheless.


Thanks so much for your comments :slight_smile: Limbo land was awful!!! I feel relieved to now know what I am dealing with. I will try my best to remain positive as long as I can, the road will be bumpy but I’ll try to deal with things as they come. I find me thinking about the future in great depth makes me worse so I am literally taking things day at a time. The one thing it has given me is a better outlook on life and to be grateful for the things I didn’t before. X

Hi, I think you have given yourself some great advice there. I haven’t got MS my wife has but worrying about the future tortured me severely until i managed to actually do this,i knew and verbalised this intention straight away but easier said than done.I/we mostly manage it now with just the odd slip.

All the best