Hi all,

Just to let you know that I saw my Neuro on Wednesday, and I have been diagnosed with MS, probably progressive, as have no discernable relapses. I need to keep a diary, and see him again in 4 or 5 months. He’s writing to my GP with a list of medication, so at least hopefully now I will be able to get some symptom relief. He’s also trying me on various different meds for my dreadfull migraines, including sprays and injections I think. I got a bit flustered as soon as he said MS, I was so shocked, I think I just babbled away about not needing a diagnosis, I just wanted some symptom relief! I also managed to virtually kick him in the face with my rather brisk knee reflex! My clinical exam has deteriorated since the last one, but not hugely, and all my VEP’s/SEP’s weren’t too far out of the acceptable range.

I honestly thought I’d be OK with it, but I just keep thinking it can’t be true. Feeling a bit lost tbh. And knackered through lack of sleep!

I thought perhaps they were going to put most of this down to the pineal cyst, and the old M.E. diagnosis, perhaps Fibro, even stress! I seem to have been shunted around so much in the last 18 months I can’t believe they’ve all actually managed to reach a conclusion!

Thank god its the weekend. Rest and chocolate!

Hi Hunny, well at least no more being shunted about. Sorry to hear about the dx… but in a way I guess it was on the cards. Doesn’t make it any easier to hear though does it?

Take it all very easy. Expect emotions to go hugely up and down… from relief of finally having a dx to sheer panic at finally have a dx. Just roll with it. It takes a while but it does get easier.

I think lots of pampering and chocolate are to be prescribed for this weekend!

One day at a time Hunny,

Pat x

hi Hunny,

I just wanted to send you some big cyber hugs… what a shock for you. Eat as much chocolate as you can … you need those endorphins or whatever there is in chocolate that makes us feel better!!

Hi Hunny, Sorry for your dx but at least you know now. I know it’s a big shock when you hear but you are still you - that won’t change. Hope you’ve got good support from your loved ones to get you through this. Hope the meds you are finally going to get will really help and make you feel lots better! Chocolate is a really good idea - have a quiet weekend snuggled up with a big bar or two! Take things a day at a time - you will come to terms with it! Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Sorry to hear your news, but glad that it sounds like you’ll be getting some good support for your symptoms.

I’ve done the nearly kicking someone in the face thing before too - the look on my GP’s face was priceless!

Enjoy the chocolate :slight_smile:

Karen x

I have to be honest and say that 2013 has not been good to me so far. Had optic nuritis during Christmas, told by my Opthamologist that it was post viral…if only…was diagnosed yesterday by neuro consultant with MS. Although I was kinda expecting it, it still felt like I had been thumped in the face. I just feel so emotional and scared at the moment, worried about everything- especially work. Feeling guilty as I know my family upset but I am about 6 hours drive from them…worried about my husband…he hasn’t really talked about it yet. Just don’t know what to do with myself…even considering going to church!! lol. Any advice would be good xx

Hi Hunny,

You mention bad migraines; just a possibility make sure you have been tested for Hughes Syndrome (HS).

See http://www.hughes-syndrome.org/


Sorry about your dx,but it does help to know once and for all.

I do have to say I had injections for my migraines and they did the trick for me.


Thank you everyone for your relies.

George,thanks, I’ve been tested for Hughs syndrome, sadly not that.

Emya_1, punched in the face about sums it up! What a shock for you! Mine shouldn’t have been, but still is!

Pat, Karen, Teresa and Vicky, thank you for you kind words. I guess I’ll be sticking aroundxx