It's official!

I have MS :frowning:

doctor wasn’t able to answer all my questions as he didn’t have the scan on his computer (rahh!) but he’s going to refer me to an MS specialist.

IT still hasn’t hit me yet as apart from a bit of eye pain (not enough for me to bother with paracetamol even!) i have no other symptoms. i had 3 lesions in my brain and one was active so i may have had symptoms before and dismissed them as somthing else but I can’t remember anything!

i need a hug ;-(

Hello I was diagnosed yesterday after a year of tests and different symptoms was sort of expecting this but I’m still in shock sending a hug as I need one too x

I’m not going to say welcome lovely, let’s be fair, nobody want’s to have MS. On a good note, you have come to an awesome forum & everyone is absolutely priceless. We are all members of a right shitty club, but we have each other. Nice to meet you, albeit in nasty circumstances, any questions or support you need, just ask, there is always someone on here that can & will help. I am not usually a huggy person, but I send you 1, you are now officially not alone & a part of our unique gang, take care Tracey xxxx

Just read yours Dixie, sending you 1 too, previous statement applies xxxx

Thank you


i dont normally do the hug thing either…but heres a couple for u both. hug hug

maybe you will forget the date of diagnosis-it can become a focus that u dont want to be reminded of!


ps i have no idea of my date-sometime in 2005!

Hi big hugs to you both. You’ll both be ok. Look after yourselves. Xx

Hugs Icequeenie and Hugs Dixie. You’ll both be fine


Thanks all!! Sorry to hear about your diagnosis Dixie :frowning:

Thanks Icequeenie We’ll be fine I’m sure x

Ice queenly & dexie, welcome & big big siber hugs. Please both focus on getting onto a DMD which will

give you the best chance.

i hold onto my nearlologist’s way of telling me. ’ even five years ago this would be something to be worried

about, but with treatments available & resurch being done, don’t worry.’

this fourum is great. But remember when you are reading things that a lot of people have had ms for a long

time before development in treatment.

also… Only read ‘caring for someone with ms’ if you either want a self pity moment, or you want to get cross !

(OK, the reality is probably that people are posting who have not yet come to terms with their relative having ms & those who have had ms pre developments.)

any way…hugs

hugs coming your way icequeenie and dixie.

although i admit that i hesitated in case icequeenie was as cold as she sounds!

this cold weather is about to finish me off!!!

! Carole, you are known as the witch in chief & I’m the daughter of darkness, but we are lovely, strange, but lovelyxxxx

I’m just sending big hugs to anyone with ms xxxx