So I had a confirmed diagnosis today =\

Hey everyone, So I’ve been to see the neuro today and she gave me my lumbar puncture results which showed ‘whatever it is’ in my spinal bands? Or something like that! Which along with my symptoms and MRI scans confirms that I DO have MS. It’s weird after so long of wondering what’s wrong with me even though they were almost sure that it was MS however I guess there was a small part of me holding on to not having the diagnosis and hoping and wishing it wasn’t MS. But then on the other hand I feel kind of relieved because now I know it’s not just all in my head and there is something causing my problems so in a way it is like a weight off my shoulders. The only thing that I’m bothered by is that they have decided not to put me on Dmd’s even though I was told that when the diagnosis was confirmed they would so although I wasn’t looking forward to injecting myself I am dissapointed that I have to have another relapse before they give me them?! Anyway sorry for the essay I just thought I would keep you guys updated! Take care Xx

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis Beth :frowning:

Even when it’s expected, it’s still a blow :frowning:

Weird about the DMDs. Are they saying that you don’t qualify because you haven’t had enough relapses? It’s worth challenging them if you think you have.

When you’re ready, don’t forget the “post-dx housekeeping”: the DVLA and any possible critical health clause.

Karen x

Sorry about the dx Beth. It is a relief but also a shock. Make sure you take things from day-to-day atm as it will take time to get used to it. I hope you have lots of support from your loved ones to help get you through. Remember we are always here to listen when you want to vent or just rant and rave! Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Sorry to hear you have a diagnosis Beth. You will probably have very mixed emotions at the moment.

On one hand you feel relieved to have answers about the symptoms but on the other hand you feel scared about the future with ms. Take it at your own pace and you will come to terms with things in time. In the mean time you can come on here and have a good moan and get support when you need it.

As Karen said - i would be questioning the lack of dmd’s. If they are sure enough that you have ms to give you a diagnosis then i would think you should be able to get them.

If it was me i would be saying to the neuro “I would like my treatment plan to include dmd’s as soon as possible as i have read they are most effective when started early on”. If he says no then i would challenge that decision. Sometimes we have to fight for what we want unfortunately.

Take care


Sorry about your diagnosis Beth. Big hugs xx Sam x

Oh : (

So many are being diagnosed at the moment. Thinking of you lots as you get your head around this. Hugs, Dxx

Best of everything to you, Beth. I get the relief…I was the same…just to know I wasn’t going to be accused of barking at the moon. Plus once you are officially diagnosed, there is so much help available. Nurse, O/T, speech therapist, pysio, social services,continence nurse, prescription exemption certificate and blue badge for car are the ones that I’ve used / accessed. Xx

Hi, just wanted to add my best wishes to you, now that you know what`s been causing your problems. How long did you wait for your diagnosis?

Just a point about something Mrs H said…incase others are wondering.

i had the benefit of all those bods from onset of problems, which we never 100% MS and now arent at all.

luv Pollx

Sorry poll, I just assumed I got them because of diagnosis.

prescription exemption? how do you get that?

I have to pay for mine!


Ask at your doctors reception, fill it in then leave for your GP to sign. Xx

I’ve got free prescriptions already for underactive thyroid! Important to get something out of the cr*p xxx

Thanks for that MrsH and debc.

Do you have to receive certain benefits to get free prescriptions?

I get my rebif free but have paid for everything else as my husband is working.


No. Both my husband and I are in full time work. Once diagnosed with a long term, chronic health condition you can ask your GP to recommend medical exemption.

Thankyou MrsH. I was diagnosed 7 years ago! I had no idea i could get this!

Iv’e been paying for 7 years!(or should i say my hubby has as im not working now!) Grrrrrrrr!

I better not own up to this one! lol! (we have been together 25 years - i am allowed the odd white lie!)

I’ll say it’s a new thing for long term conditions!


Actually I don’t think MS is a claimable condition unless you are unable to go out without another person! Look at this:

and this…

Hey everyone, Thanks for your kind words of support; it’s going to be tough I know but I like to think I’m a positive and strong person so I’m trying to get on with things the best I can because I really don’t want to get depressed! I was already seeing an MS nurse, OT and Physio due to a relapse I had in October which I’m still recovering from. I asked the doctor about being eligible for free prescriptions but I’m not unless I’ve been disabled for 3 month and not ale to leave the house alone. If my vertigo doesn’t improve much over the next month then I may be eligible. Instead I opted to get a pre-payment certificate because I knew I would be needing a lot of prescriptions and the cost is unreal! I paid £104 for the year and I have already had £48 worth of prescriptions in the last 6 weeks so well worth considering! Thanks again for your support. Beth xx

Hi Beth x Sorry about your diagnosis but as the others have said at least you know what you are fighting!

I think that the medical exemption thing is a really good idea - but should be broadened out - everyone has free prescriptions here in Wales - which in theory is great - but unfortunately too many people are taking it for granted and abusing it

Anyway Beth I hope you will get all the help and support you deserve xxxjenxx

Sorry your thread got a little taken over about the prescription exemption, Beth.

Take care. Your diagnosis is new so if you have questions don’t be scared to ask.

Theres plenty of support here.

Teresa. x