Diagnosed today, I think......

Had my neuro appointment today, it went well, but I am still shell shocked I think. I was seen by a wonderful neuro who was brilliant, the appointment took over an hour to carry out, I read my short(ish) symptom list and they carried out a physical exam. We never ran through my MRI scan as it wasn’t available but we talked about the report from the radiologist and I was then told that no further tests would be required for diagnosis. If I wanted to have a complete definitive answer then I could have a lumbar puncture, but this was my choice and my treatment of this disease would go down the same route with or without one. As far as the neuro was concerned, there was no point. I was told I have what appears to be RRMS. Only time will tell what will happen i guess.

We talked about treatment and DMDs and have been booked in for a meeting with the local MS nurses and was gven a follow up appointment for four mnths time. I asked about driving etc, and was told that I needed to inform the DVLA and the hospital/ doctor would write back to them.

For anybody else reading this, I would like to try to give some strength to them by explaining that 12 weeks ago I had a pretty big “stoke” like incident. I was unable to lift my arm, eat, or write with my hand. However today, I am probably 95% back to normal. My arm is mobile again and I can do all those things from before. I am still at work, I walk my dogs, etc. I do have a bit of a problem with my right leg and my muscles just above my knee but I think that this could be something else apart from MS like a muscle strain. I do get a bit of brain fog, tiredness etc, but things are definately improved. Perhaps I have been lucky and have had a minor relapse. I have been having weird painful experiences for many years now, and possibly have just lived with them.

Todays news was not what I wanted to hear if I am honest, but I feel a strange kind of relief deep down inside.

Hi number08r

I know what you mean by being “relieved” when you were told your news, as I felt the same, but wasn’t sure if what I was feeling was right - but the more I read here the more I see and understand that although it’s obviously far from the best news to receive, it is indeed somewhat of a relief to hear.

Always good to know that you’re not alone!!

Take care. XxX

Hi number08r Now you know you can start to adapt your life to make requisite changes. My diagnosis for PPMS was three months ago and I have started to adapt positively. Like your a bit of a ‘relief’, knowing I was’t inventing it all. Good luck and big hugs. Karen

Although I feel this sense of relief, I also feel a sense of guilt along with it. We recieved a call this morning telling us that a close friend who was diagnosed with a brain tumour (only days after my first attack of MS) passed away today. I feel that I have been “lucky” in a funny sort of way, to end up with this diagnosis. At least I have the chance to put up a fight against this thing.

Life has jumped into perspective for me so much in the last couple of months, I simply would not believe it, if I was told back i June that all this was going to happen.

Makes you appreciate what you have and how to go out and try to live your life for the moment.

I totally agree number08, it really does - it somehow enables you to see life in a different, clearer way.

this is a lovely thread, take care all of you and I am glad knowing what you have makes a difference.


Hi number08, I agree with everything you said regarding a sense of relief following your diagnosis and viewing your life with a positive perspective. Since my diagnosis on 2/9/13, I have “reviewed” my life and it’s made me realise I have so much in my life to be happy for. I am definitely going to stay focussed on that. Thanks for such a encouraging post, I’m sure it will be appreciated by all those who are fearful of their current symptoms being permanent. It gives hope to know how well you have recovered. Best wishes, RedShoes xx