Dx confirmed :(

Hi, everyone,

I’ve not posted much as have been trying to stick my head in the sand as it were.

I had my MRI done 2 weeks ago and neurologist has just called to confirm that it is MS as she thought. I have several lesions on my brain and one on my spine (she did tell me which parts but a) my biology is shocking and b) I didnt really hear much beyond “you have MS”.

I’ve had a good cry on my husbands shoulder but now I don’t realy feel much, is that normal? i’m trying not to think about it really and my main concern isn’t for me but for my son (he’s 4).

The neurologist did say that women in particular who have mainly sensory symtoms and quite a while between relapses (both me so far aside from optic neuritis) do tend to have a slightly better prognosis, has anyone heard this?

Hmm, it is very strange “talking” to people that I don’t know about something this personal but i’m figuring thats what this forum is for :slight_smile:

Liza x

Just to say hi and sorry for your dx. Big hugs and take care Axx

Sorry to hear your news. At least now you know what is wrong and you can take steps to improve things by having medication, physio etc and putting things in place for your son for when you aren’t too good. It sounds like you have strong support in your husband, i hope you have other friends and family that the 3 of you can call on too, should you need. Chin up!! :slight_smile:

Hi Liza, Sorry for your diagnosis. I would say all emotions are normal when diagnosed and there is no right or wrong on this one. Be kind to yourself and let it out when you need to, be it shout, cry etc. I read in some information that I was given by my Nurse (diagnosed in February this year) about sensory symptoms initially and a better prognosis but to be honest I am taking that lightly as this disease is so unpredictable, I want to be more positive but scared as well. I have a son who turned 8 yesterday :slight_smile: Always happy to talk, keep in touch. Sam x

Hiya, Liza, I also got diagnosed today - must be something about 7th October! Like you, also told that will probably be slow progression due to length of time between first symptom (ON), initially in 2000, with reoccurrences every 18 months or so, and numb leg in June which led to MRI & neuro appt today. So no treatment prescribed for me at present, it’s a wait and see situation. Puzzling over who to tell and what to tell, me and hubby have decided not to say anything to our 10 year old daughter at present but it’s whether to tell my parents that I’m really struggling with… Anyway, big hugs, thinking of you Wicks

Sam, how are you finding things with your son (through relapses etc). My only clinical relapse so far was optic neuritis so it wasn’t too bad with regards to taking care of Jack etc. It’s rubbish isn’t it? I’m so worried about it affecting him growing up x

Hi Liza

I’m so sorry about the diagnosis. You’ve been on an emotional rollercoaste so it’s no wonder your emotions are everywhere. Take each day slowly and be kind to yourself - you’re likely to have good days and bad as you come to terms with the diagnosis.

In terms or sensory symptoms being bettter yes they can sometimes suggest a milder course but also depends on the number of relapses you have. I wouldn’t think too much into it at this stage.

Now you have some answers you can start to get the help you need at least.

I’m sure you’ll have loads of questions and the people on here are fantastic. Though it’s strange to talking to strangers there’s something common that we can all relate to - the difficulties (ups and downs) living with MS or MS like symptoms.

Good luck and lots of hugs



Sorry to hear that Lisa, and yes, I think I was pretty numb about my dx, it takes a bit of time to sink in.

You will be fine though :slight_smile: And the boards here will help you find out what you need to and give you plenty of support :wink:

Sonia x

Sonia x

Hi Liza… Sorry to hear about your dx. I was dx last Monday aswell. It does take a while to register and sink in, have a little cry let it all out its perfectly normal. As strange as it sounds, it is much better to be out of limbo land. Sending you big hugs. This board is great for advice, support and even just a nosey. Ash x