New DX


Having seen KittyKates thread I wanted to say she isnt alone today as I have been confirmed as having MS.

Sense of relief at finally knowing but remain extremely positive about life in general. For me its about being and remaining positive as the power of the mind can do amazing things (shame cant cure MS…) but you get my drift.

I had ON about three years ago and recently had the “tingles” and the babours chair electric shocks and that was enough for my neuro to say I have it, my MRI scan showed lesions too.

Thats me but good luck everyone.

Hi Wallace,

Commiserations on your diagnosis. I am waiting for a neuro appointment (because of weak legs, one weak arm, balance broblems and fatigue). (And if I get a bit warm everything gets worse.) I’ve read about a possibility of stress making attacks worse. I’ll be trying to follow your example to stay positive!

I wonder, how was the diagnosis of ON made? Did your neuro accept it readily as the presenting symptom of MS? (It sounds as if it was.) I had ON 2 years ago and so my new symptoms might be the second episode to make it multiple sclerosis too.

All the best,


Hi Wallace, and welcome to the site

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but as you say, it’s best to know. Keeping positive is definitely the right approach as far as I’m concerned, but we do all slip from that from time to time (especially when we’ve just been diagnosed) so don’t beat yourself up if you start to feel differently - you’ll pull through.

If you’ve read other posts, you’ll have seen about telling the DVLA and checking policies for critical illness clauses?

Karen x