I'm new!

Hello, not sure if I’m in the right place, but here goes… I got my diagnosis yesterday so at the moment I’m in shock I spose. I used to read the comments on here and was always impressed at all the support, so hoping I will receive the same.

Hi Monkey Mad and welcome.

I’m sure you will recieve lots of friendly support here, think everyone is off on holidays at the moment which could explain the delay in responding to your post.

I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis, were you being investigated for long or did it come as a shock? Have your family and friends been suportive? Getting a dx can be hard thing to get your head round even if you were expecting it, so do be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to process things. Have you been offered dmd’s and are you due to be seen by a nurse?

Take care

Laura x

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis and even though this is a place that you’d never thought you’d be on - its a great forum with some great people who will help with questions and share their wisdom and advice. Remember that we are all here if you need to rant or have questions

Welcome monkey. I’m newly diagnosed too so no expert but hope I can help when I can x


I am nearly 33 years old.

I haven’t been diagnosed with MS however I am worried about some symptoms. 3 weeks ago I started with tingling in my left foot, but only when I touched it gently or putting my shoes on etc. I went to the doctors and he said I was to go back if things felt worse. Last week I visited the doctor again, only this time I have constant tingling in my arms, hands and legs. Slightly on my bottom lip too. He did a test where he asked me to close my eyes and put various objects on my affected areas to test for sensation. He said he would prescibe me amptripline? and wanted to see me in two weeks. It’s been 1 week since taking thesetablets but it feels worse than ever. What should I do? Go back to the doctors sooner than he stated or just wait and see. I am riight in worrying about my symptoms?

Thanks, Angela x

Hi sorry that you got your DX I’m just awaiting mine LP and then back to MS neuro to confirm. Sucks don’t it Good luck and the great people on here will always help Gray x