Diagnosed 3 weeks ago

Hi everyone,
I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago and still feel quite overwhelmed. Haven’t started treatment yet am going back to see Neurologist 14th. I have RRMS

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It takes time to get your head around Ms.

I was confirmed Ms in jan this year and started DMT in June.

Whay symptoms do you have?

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I’m same as you 3 weeks ago had MRI on back I have 2 bulging disks which has been brought on by MS so going for another MRI in 4 weeks.

About a year ago I had tingling face and legs and that went away

Smith ago tingling returned in legs and they also felt week and I tripped now and then.

Apart from back hurting all the time I’m ok physically but mentally I’m a bit of a mess I’m assuming the worst all the time !

I’m not going to google it so not up to speed what happens next or different types of MS or even treatments.

I’m not sleeping but carrying on normally daily it’s a massive shock and don’t know what to expect moving forward I’m 57 by the way.