Hi, got a letter from my neuro which says that she can now give me a definite diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Mri results show a new lesion in right frontal lobe. Feel sad but at least I know now.

Hi Tonka, well yes, at least you know.

Surprised you got the confirmation in a letter though!

Remember ‘one day at a time’. Give yourself time to get used to the dx. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to feel sad, angry, relieved, whatever.

Remember also that you’ve got loads of pals on here,

Pat x

Welcome to the club! Sorry to hear your news but take comfort in that now at least you know what your dealing with. Chis

It’s not what you hoped for I’m sure but at least you know what you’re dealing with now! As Pat says, take it slowly. You know where to come when you need to vent or rant and rave. Please do so! Teresa xx

Sorry to hear your news but glad you finally have an answer.

Go easy on yourself -even though you may hasve suspected MS to actually have it confirmed is very different - it makes it very real. I can’t believe you were told through a letter - I really don’t think it’s very appropriate. I hope you have a neuro review soon as I’m sure once it sinks in you’ll have lots of questions. In the meantime there’s lots of people on this forum with a welath of experience that I’m sure would be happy to help.

Please do take it one step at a time though, your emotions are likely to be all over the place.



Thanks for the replies. Was told prob ms a year ago but I still feel shell shocked. I’ve decided not to tell my husband yet cos he’s going around at the moment saying how he can’t cope and he has nothing to look forward to. I’m sure I’ll be back asking more questions. Thanks

Sorry to hear your news - about your husband too :frowning:

It’s got to be best to know, but it’s also best to have some onhand support. At least there’s here until your husband sorts things out.

Make sure and get the contact details for an MS nurse too though.

Karen x

Hi, as others have said, give yourself time to adjust to the fact that you now know you have MS.

I think it is often more worrying that we have to think how others are coping with our problems. you will have to tell your hubby at some point. Perhaps if you have a chat with your GP or MS nurse (if you have one), about this problem, they may be able to help by advising you what to say.

You know, it may not come as such a shock to tell him. he may have worse scenarios going on in his head. Often we imagine things to be worse than they are.

I`ve spent a long time seeking a diagnosis and havent been able to get a full answer to my problems.

So I do know that fear of the unknown is bigger than the fear of the known, if you understand me.

Hope things calm down soon.

luv Pollx