new diagnosis

hi all

just had my MS confirmed by the neurologist at the hospital today.very mixed feelings, as glad its been identified and i can get treatment underway (once i am out of remission) but worried about the future at the same time.

i made a point about sending a message of praise to the team at the hospital as they’ve been amazing… the NHS is the envy of the world and quite rightly so. my MS nurses are worth their weight in gold.

if you are waiting for a diagnosis please keep faith that it will happen. i have found so much strength from the brave, caring and good-humoured people i have spoken to on this site.

thinking of everyone and wishing you the best,


ps does anyone else have trouble typing messages on here? i think my pc doesn’t like this site which is a shame as i love it. here…

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Commisulations, Fluffyollie. Here’s wishing you continued good treatment x

Hello Hun, sorry to hear the news but on the plus side…at least you know for sure. Yes, it’s a weird feeling for sure. I’m in the ‘nah, they got it wrong’ stage, even though I’m not well lol :slight_smile: I often think about the future when I feel like this, but don’t do it. It’s like worrying about something that may not happen. It’s true that for some, they end up a lot worse in the future, but for a lot of people they don’t. Cross that bridge when you get to it hunni.

I can’t remember if you’re working? If you are it might be worth while letting someone know, just in case you feel like poop for a bit and need a rest. Take it easy if you can and be kind to yourself. It’s still a shock finding out for sure, no matter how prepared or sure you are that you have it. Just hearing the words is a bit…ooh, odd really. Huge hugs to you. Get your computer sorted, you’re not leaving this site! ; )

hugs and stuff x

Hi, Fluffyollie,

Commiserations but I guess you now know what you’re up against.

Best wishes.

PS. Be sure to notify the DVLA. They reissue licences of 3 year duration to be renewed to fit with the law regarding chronic conditions. Also, if you have critical illness cover claims often have to be made within a certain time.

Sorry to hear about your dx. Welcome to the club.