Hi all :)

Well hello there everyone hope we’re all as well as can be :slight_smile:

Not been on for a wee while so thought i’d just pop on see how ur all doing :slight_smile:

Been and had all my Evokes done just got to wait for the report to sorted n sent to the neuro "/ got this overwhelming feeling that its all going to say there’s nothing to report n all is fine etc etc so another excuse for the neuro to send me packing again

But anywho im feeling almost back to my normal self again (yay tbh there were times i didnt think id ever feel like ME again )

Got to go backt to the hospital again 2moro for a Physio assesment and to see if they can advise me on how to try n losen up all my very tight stiff muscles all thro my lower body and my left shoulder (esp)

Having to ask ur 16yr old son to help u get coats etc on n off is a tad embarassing lol me i guess needs must sosme times

Well be good all and if ur being baombarded with the white stuff again then go careful :slight_smile:

Lou x

Hi Lou :slight_smile:

Nice to hear that you’re doing better. Neurophysios can be really helpful, but do keep up with the exercises they show you otherwise they won’t work!!!

Karen x

Hi Karen :slight_smile: Thanks I will try my best to keep doing whatever it is they ask me to try this walking thing n the pain n stiffness is all that’s hanging on now but it’s getting a tad annoying lol I won’t let it get the better of me tho :slight_smile: Hope u are well :slight_smile: Loylu :slight_smile: x

*loylu??? who is this Loylu lol flipping phone!! Lou :slight_smile: xx

So i went for my assesment with the lovely physio ladies today :slight_smile:

they actually did my touch n reflex testing than the neuro did!!

So any way she said i def show signs of weakness (in comparrison) on the lower left with slight foot drop so i’ve been given 2 pysio bands and 6 different excersies to be getting on with till next weds

They also said that they could’nt be sure if it was just loss of muscle control or if it was nerve damaged signals :frowning:

Fingers crossed its only the first and that these bits n bobs ive been given do the trick :slight_smile:

Lou :slight_smile: xx