Good Morning

Hi everyone

Thought i would pop on and say good morning to everyone , My sypmtoms have remained consistant for past two weeks just usual tingling numbness and stiff legs , so i am feeling good …

I saw physiotherapist on Monday who advised she couldnt help me i needed a special physiotherapist…I emailed Neuro who contacted and i am now going to see a neuro physio this week so i feel lucky i have a neuro who although im not diagnosed he takes me serious …

Hope you all have a good day and many more good / and bad i suppose bad days ahead with all you great people supporting

Thank you Mandy x

Morning Mandy!

I went to see a neuro physio a few years ago now.

She worked on my core strength. I had balance problems/dizziness. I also suffer with lower back pain.

I went once a week and had exercises to do at home. Make sure you do them regularily and you should find it helps. I was pretty bad at the time and it helped me loads.

Good luck

Teresa. x

Morning Teresa

Thank you i will do the exercises like you yeah my balance is off to lol dont really notice what you get used to …But on thinking about it just about fell opening the curtains what a sight that would have been for anyone passing me squashed against the window.

Again Thx Mandy x