Just a update!! Been for physio appointment today and it was a very strange, sat and spoke to her for over an hour about my symptoms then she decieded not to do any physio at all. She then asked about my mri and if I had seen the neurologist about results, to which i said still waiting and see him on the 10th feb. Then she said would I mind if she contacted my gp and neurologist… So no more physio for me!! Until we some form dx (her words)… But on a good note she did give me a walking stick to aid my walking and balance… Vickie x

Hello Vickie

I think your physio made the right decision, considering your still waiting a diagnosis.

Last year, I saw one that declined to do much with me, until I had my scan results. They like to know what they are dealing with and see the scans themselves.

I use a walking stick too, for the same reasons as you…really makes a difference.


Hi ladies I agree totally. Physio needs to be done right otherwise it can make things worse. Also physio’s specialise in areas ie sports injury,neurological etc…you need one that understands your condition. I have a fantastic physio who has helped me with balance,exercise and relieved some areas of pain.

I know I am acting like a sulky teenager here but I am still waiting for a physio appointment which was first promised in August. If I eventually get one, turn up and don’t receive any I will be livid!! Anyway I have stopped sulking now and I am glad that you were given a stick to help you.

Hi Vicky

Sounds to me you have a very sensible physio. I can imagine it was very disappointing not to have any treatment when you were prepared for it.

The other side of the story - I wish the physio I saw had refused to do anything. I came out of a session feeling I had been in the ring with Frank Bruno after running a marathon and had a two day headache. Could be coincidence I suppose but I doubt it. Had to go straight to bed and am now dreading the follow up appointment next week. Never had a problem with the chiropractor I see monthly so find it a little odd that physio should affect me in this way. Maybe no pain no gain who knows.

Thanks all for your replys. This was actually my 3rd session with Dee my physio, 1st one was like an assessment!! 2nd one I had some physio which I can relate to you DINKS it was awful!!! Dee did something with my right leg as she was pushing forward something went crunch in my hip nearly hit the ceiling and this was my good leg… had pain ever since… Im hoping the stick will help Noreen, walked my daughter to school this morning and felt abit odd but I suppose it will take a while to get used to it… Also forgot to mention Dee my physio did look at my scans results and told me I have 2 bulging discs in neck and also 2 bulging in lower back but couldn’t tell me more and needed to speak to my gp and nuro!! But what confuses me the bulging discs weren’t mentioned in nuro letter that I had…only said their was wear and tear of cervical spine… Vickie x

Hi Vickie, is your physio a neurophysiotherapist or a general physio? I was just wondering what your initial consultation was like, and do you have a diagnosis yet? I have a neurophysio coming to see me on Friday, just wondering what to expect.


Thats a good question! To be perfectly honest I have no idea! But it was my gp that referred me for physiotherapy.

No diagnosis as yet have my nuro follow up appointment on 10th feb for results of mri etc…

My initial appointment was more of an assessment, went through symptoms, medical history etc…

Just wondering now if she’s is a general physio and thats why she needs to speak to my gp and nuro!!!

Im sure the 1st initial

general or nuro appointments would be simular, medical history etc ect… forgive me if im wrong!!

Maybe some of the very nice people on this forum could answer your question if im wrong…

Hope your physio goes well friday, let me know how you get on…

Vickie x

Hi Vickie and everyone,

I have just had the opposite experience, I was assessed by a physio a week or so ago now, first consultation we just chatted for about an hour taking a history, she asked me to come back 2 days later to do a physical assessment, she found that i had muscle weakness and poor/diminished reflexes in my right leg and arm as well as overall poor balance and was particularly intested in my spine (which concerns me a little).

Anyway, her view was that whatever the Neuro diagnosed me with her job would still be the same and she felt in order to prevent further muscle degeneration that physiotherapy should go ahead regularly until neuro appt comes through. I found her to be really helpful and provided me with alot of understanding and insight.

Interesting how views and approaches differ

Karen xx