Physio appointment

HI all

I have my first Physio appointment very soon. Can someone tell me what happens at a first visit.

Has anyone seen a physio who specialised in balance disorders? I’m sure it will be fine but I’m just a worrier - I find this diagnostic process all very worrying especially as I’m getting worse instead of better.

Thanks in advance for any help


Nothing to be stressed about. They’ll probably do an assessment and then (as bll said) show you some exercises to help you. Simple

Karen x

hey…as others have said…they will asses you first and put together some execises to do at home also…its important to keep these up and persevere…its also a good chance to ask any questions you may have…go through your current meds etc…you dont say if the balance probs are re your legs/body or vertigo related? The exercises for vertigo are not pleasant…and can induce it…but it can help the eye/brain/inner ears to co ordinate better…re vertigo…

hope it goes wel…x

Hallo Scoobie, the balance problems are stumbling up to 100 times a day. My limbs don’t feel weak but I shall goto Physio with an open mind. I did the vestibular rehabilitation exercises for 4 months but they didn’t help my balance - though interestingly, they improved my eyesight (reading and short sighted). Thank you also, baby long legs and rizzo for your support. I’ll post back when I have been next week and let you know how I got on.


Hey…ahh ok…yes very intersting re vestibular rehab therapy…I have not found so far it has helped my vertigo one jot…lol but now have had to put on hold re my eye probs…

ok great…do let us know how it went…and yes best go with an open mind on these things…:wink:

Hi I had my first physio at the neurological gym on Thursday I was apprehensive too. Everything was fine got a thorough assessment and was recommended a few excersizes to help. The most scary thing was the place itself it was like a hospital ward with equipment and other people there who were far worse off than myself at first I thought I was in the wrong place. The physio was very kind and reassuring though! Good luck and don’t worry Susan