drs appointment

i went to see my dr today, with all the usual questions. when will this go?etc and today she was talking about my ms flare ups and rrms in terms of my symptoms. thats the 1st time shes referred to it as ms and not just a probable.I’ve had symptoms for a year now and i still wake up hoping its gone. Today she told me after this long it is possible but unlikely that i’ll get to where i was before all this. made me feel quite shocked and upset. its something i’ve known really but liked telling myself it is just a bad dream. i’m having trouble with walking and hoped it was anything else but ms but sadly its most likely down to ms. shes recommended using a stick . i was trying to avoid that too…I know i should concentrate on the things i can do but boy do i miss the things i used to do that i always took forgranted.I’m really just sounding off without burdening my family.

Sorry to hear that you have been treated like that.

What has your neuro actually said to you,and are you still under him/her?

If your walking has become such a problem I would advise that you ask to be referred to physio as I have heard people on here say they have hurt themselves by not using a stick correctly.They may even be able to improve your walking so you dont need to use one yet.

I hope you did feel better by talking on here, I’m sure there is much more that you would like to say,and someone is always here.

Take care


heya…sorry to hear of this…the dr should refer you for an ot/ physio asses re stick…I know to my own cost how important this is…I was given the wrong height stick by a physio and for three years I had not idea until I went for rehab physio…alas by then allot of damage had been done to my upper s one…mine was 2.5 inches too short…it’s messed p my posture, hips and I can’t stand up straight…I now uses wheelchair due to mobility probs but there’s no doubt that the wrong stick has contributed to this. it’s quite normal to miss the things you can’t do anymore…and your brain will still recall these things and your mind…so it’s what some people take for granted…some of us would long to be able to do again…maybe speak with the physio or ot on this and look at other things to you do or learn…no substitute but it will help… em