Ms specialist appointment

Hello all I have an appointment with ms specialist this week and just wondering what to expect. I saw general neurology consultant a couple of months back who did the usual physical exam and ordered mris and then he gave me the diagnosis. So just not sure what’s going to happen this time. Is she likely to repeat any tests or just check how I’m doing now? I suppose I’m wondering whether first neuro might have made a mistake but know really that’s unlikely! What d’you think?

Hi, Same happened with me but I think it’s because only a specialist can sort out DMDs if you choose to take them and if you qualify. I went with a list of questions as was in too much shock with first neuro to think straight. She did another physical exam and new blood tests for DMD as I had already decided that I wanted to take them. She also sorted pain meds with my GP. I also got introduced to the ‘team’ and saw physio, OT, ophthalmologist and MS Nurse. It was really helpful and although I was completely overwhelmed every question was answered and I knew there were people there to help if I needed it. Good luck. C x

Thanks C that’s helpful. I know different hospitals will do things differently but it’s good to get an idea of what the process might be. I’m not sure whether they will say I’m eligible for dmds - neuro said he thought so as I’ve had what he thinks were 2 relapses in space of 3 months but I’ve read things on here about them having to be classed as clinically significant (affecting mobility). Each of the previous two relapses affected my balance but not sure if this counts as mobility. We will see!

Any other experiences/tips?

Not at that stage (yet?)… Have u tried the everyday living board? More people post dx on there… Another C x