Im back!! and hears an update!!

Hay guys and girls,

For those that have not seen my posts previously hears an update.

Heel stopped working, Numbness pins n needles so sharp I think im standing on something spread up to my leg, Then my other leg stopped working = admitted to hospital.

In hospital 2 MRI and 1 LP (I would not wish this on anyone however if you have someone that knows what they are doing I am sure it will be fine, I had a trainy that said they wernt and they had done it loads when they haddnt)

I couldnt walk for a week, then my legs started working again and they released me (great for watching Olympics, not great for my wife who worries or me as we run our own business)

They found a legion on my Brain, they dont know what it is other than, its not solid so its not a tumor, (thats productive) My Spine MRI was blurry but viewable (yeah right, 40 minutes of laying on the most unformtable bed whilst suffering from costophoia go do one NHS) anyway I just shut my eyes and imagined nice things.

They released me I have had one relaps but put this down to trying to walk to far too quickly. Never had pain but now feel pain, my foot is sill how it was but the rest of th symptoms have dies off (for now.)

last week I have an appointment for end of septemebr for a follow but today a letter has come through for an EEG VER, can anyone help with what this does (I know sticky things on my head measure brains and looking at some spiral image thing but life experience is better than google)

I am prepaired for anything, and feel enlightened after seeing what I saw in hospital on the stroke ward for a week. I am 26 and realise living life is sometimes more important then being a work aholic, work hard play hard now work hard play harder.

I hope everyone is well and if you want to know about anything above, I have just been through and you have to or are worried about I am hear to help, also if anyone has has an EEG VER please explain do they actually know what wrong with me?

Love and peace

EEG is when they stick things to your head to measure brain responses. The VER bit means that they’ll be measuring your brain responses while you look at visual stimuli (boring black and white images). VER stands for Visual Evoked Responses. It’s completely painless, although your hair might get a bit gooey :slight_smile: It can be a good test for various neurological problems that affect vision and can be abnormal even if we haven’t noticed anything wrong with our sight so it can give some clues towards diagnosis.

I hope your next few weeks are a bit less eventful!

Rest lots.

Karen x

Hi Tom,

Wecome back.

What an eventful time you have had!

LP and VER got me my diagnosis.

Hope you get clarity soon.

By the way, you have a fab attitude.

Clare x

Cheers guys,

I have done some reading on it, I am not worried and Rizzo, the fountain of knowledge thank you ver much.

Today though, my foot has relapst a bit, I fell down the last few stairs and landed on my ass, Didnt tell the wife, dont want her worrying plus, I am not going back in to hospital. I only have to hold out until the 5th and there is nothing much more they can do for me until they run more tests, I have the LP results but trying to translate it is mental. Hear is one for your rizzo.

CSF showed 5 white cells all lymphocytes, 92 red cells, protein 0.47 and glucos 3.oligocolonal bans were possitive with fewer bans in the surum than the CSF my ESR was 4 CRP less than 1, B12 normal, ANA negative, electrophoresis normall.

She is checking I dont have peroneal nerve palsies apparently.

Wonder if it could be the ‘lost Ninth Legion’.

lesion ! and in my brain could be anything

Couldnt resist that one Tom, not that my posts are typo free, just noticed in mine today I typed San Fransico as in Sicko!

Ha ha, I dont want to add dyslexia to my list of faults but I do have it. If only their was a spell check button we would all be so much better off.