im new !

hi all, ive been looking in and wanting to post for a few months but have been unable to register.On feb the 7th(can remember exactly :cry: ) went shopping with my hubby and suddenly started feeling off dizzy,hot then cold thought i was gonna pass out, then my eyes started to feel like everything was in slow motion and started jerking forwards and back .We came home and all the way in the car i was feeling worse left side of my face and my left arm and leg were going numb and tingling,but im epileptic and thought maybe it was a kind of siezure coming on.We got home i rang the docs and they got me in straight away tested my eyes and responses and sent me straight to hospital thinking i might be having a stroke.After 2weeks in hospital mri,lp iv steroids and being told i had probable ms i was let out but not any better ,since then i have had 1 more attack in april and another 3 weeks ago but i dont seem to recover properly after and my balance coordination is crap !! along with fatigue and permenant pins and needles in legs and arm they are pretty sure its ms but are waiting to see what kind !!! there are 3 -4 sml lesions in my brain and 1 in my neck i think ive just had vep done and there is damage to both optic nerves ,ive had bloods done to check for nmo (waiting results) and im back at neuro appt next week so thats where i am in a quick nutshell hoping next week is gonna get me somewhere !!! xxheather