That was an experience

Hello :slight_smile: I’m still alive but I thought I would give an update as I haven’t been on here for a bit. As you know I was having a bad spell, all the usual- foot drop, loss of use of left side, speech slurring, weird vision etc etc. Well, it all seemed to build up to a crescendo. I started to feel a little bit better. Hubby took me to Tesco. So we decided to go for a brew in the cafe and I was starting to feel sick, my legs stopped working and all of a sudden it felt like I was drunk. I remember being aware, but not aware? It seems I has a seizure, only a partial one. So next week I’m at the Ozzy for my EEG and the week after, my MRI.

Im feeling a lot better than I did now. A bit more energy and feel a lot better in myself. That’s my update :slight_smile: I hope you are all ok. Don’t know about you guys but I’m so glad the cold weather is here :slight_smile:

hi beverley

oh my word!

i remember that sudden onset of dizzyness and feeling drunk.

good luck with the EEG and MRI.

i sleep better when it is cold, its nice to burrow under the duvet instead of kicking it off.

carole x

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Hello hun.

Glad to hear you are feeling better now, but yeh, what a scary thing to happen.

TLC is needed.

luv POllx

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Good luck, I have another MRI soon too because of vertigo. That’s what my GP said the dizziness and drunken feeling are. I always get it when getting of the bus. People begin to walk to the end of the kerb when they see me. So I must be swaying.

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Thanks pigpen, Boudica and poppyseed :slight_smile: I’m not too bad today. I feel a bit tired but other than that not bad. Got the EEG tomorrow, which I’m not looking forward to as it hurts when they sandpaper your head to stick those wires on. But the worst is the flashy lights, I always have a headache after it :confused:

then I’ve got MRI on Friday, so I will be glad to get it out of the way, I spend too much time at the hospital. I’m surprised I don’t have a seat with my name on! :slight_smile: