What is a VER Recording please?

I’ve been sent a letter, I thought I was going to have an EEG but the appointment is for a VER?

Okay, I’ve got it I think: visual evoked responses

Thank you!

Hi, just googled it for you. it is a test used to help diagnose MS. To do with eyes.

Have a google yourself, yeh?

luv Pollx

Yes, I was googling originally but nothing came up but slightly reworded my search and found it.

I have had one,

Its boring as hell, you stare at a screen with some electrode things on your head and they show you loads of black and white squares that continue to change, doesnt hurt and its to check the response in your eyes, i think. either way 45 minutes you will never get back :wink: it does help confirm MS though.

Oh thanks for that Tom. Do you have to respond when you see things or is this what the electrodes do on your behalf?

For someone that had only been in hospital 3 times in their life (two of those times for babies), this whole medical faff is a big shock to my system!

Yes i only every visited people or once for a broken arm whne I was a kid,

You have to focuson a dot in the middle and not let your eyes stray away, if you do they have to start the test again.

They do one eye then the other, All i will say is that the cotton patch can get itchy which makes it more of a challange.

The electrodes pick up everything, you just have to keep staring straight ahead, My advice, get as comfy as you can and just keep focus. I believe the different things shown sends a signal to the brain and it will pick up if certaing things dont get through.

Mine was fine when I did this but my LP and my MRI showed a lesion and inflamation. they may also want to do the sticking the needles in the legs or arms or wheever on your body doesnt work properly, this doesnt hurt at all surprisingly, its actually quite fun to experience. but then this is coming rom a guy who likes to watch them draw blood, but then I dont feel much so that may be part of it.

Have fun and dont worry.

ps its like looking at chessboard where the black and white squares change position, thn its kind of like an optical illisions but you have to keep focused on the dot in the middle.

Yes, my LP and MRI are the same so they’re hot on the trail! When I had my neuro appointment they did the pin thing (or whatever object it was!).

I also have my spinal MRI on 22nd March - the fun never ends!

Its all fun and games, well lets hope the rest of the tests bring good news for you or at least answers! good luck.

Thank you! I’ll let you know how I get on!