Visual evoked response test

As part of my assessment I’ve been asked to have a visual evoked response test. I understand the lumbar puncture and spinal MRI but I’ve not heard of this for MS. Thanks.

Hi, i had this test done about 6 weeks ago! No results as yet but it is to check how long it takes for the signals from your eyes to reach into the brain apparently. Don't know the technical term but some people with MS have a slower reaction from eye to brain.

good luck sonia x

Thanks. Hope you both get your results soon.

It involves having some electrodes stuck to your scalp (don't spend too much time on your hair that morning!) and watching some very boring patterns on a computer monitor. All perfectly painless.

As Sonia said, people with MS often have abnormal responses. (Not always, but often.)

Karen x

2 minutes seem a bit ambitious! In order to do a proper VEP, the test needs to be repeated loads of times. That definitely doesn't take 2 minutes.

Don't worry about it - there are loads of potential explanations for it taking so long including the computer playing up, the staff mucking up, the data being unclear so they had to redo some, a newbie doing everything by the book,....


hello If there is no 'Visual' written in front of Evoked Potentials on your appointment letter does that mean there are different ones or is it all the same?  

It could mean different ones or all types I suppose (there are visual, auditory and somatosensory).

This looks good:,P07658/


The leaflet I was sent said it would be an hour and also mentioned the different types.

heya..well I would just say they are being thorough and you may end up with all three types not sure..maybe wait till you go for the appt..see what they say? good luck with those..


When I had my vep tests done it was a good hour looking at was essentially a draughts board that moved about and I was supposed to remain focussed on the mark on the screen.The person doing it didnt seem to understand with raging optic neuritis I couldnt really see it let alone focus! The poor woman who was sitting behind me kept saying please will you concentrate on the dot....spooky- whatever my brain was telling her electrodes is anyones guess.Then she would come and point at the dot on the screen again.

Anyway the results proved I am slow!!!  I could of told them that. All my employer said was Ive paid you for an hr to play a game of draughts.

Whatever tests you did have its amazing what they can tell from them and should help you on your way.


Thanks. At least it won't be painful like the lumbar puncture I'm dreading!