VER test

Hi All

Just a quick one-a bit in the dark but what is a VER test. I have been DX, but what are they for. I am off for one 12/6/12 and another hospital visit on 15/6/12 to see specialist.
At least I can tell him I am not getting better, I still fall over, even more now, but Charlie still the fly-ha. Now I have pain in the middle of my back, stabbing- et tu Brutus I wonder-ATOS,DSS. My deltoid muscles, have I pulled them feeling, weakness in left leg, and a change breaking plates with left hand.
If anyone knows what it is some advice would be appreciated


i dunno but i think it might be a visual evoke test or somethin like that. If it is, then it involves sticking pads to your head and you watch a wee telly with a red square in the centre of the screen, then they disturb the image behind the sqaure and you have to stay focused on the square. This is all i know,apart from the fact the fact that it really messes with you hair.. gets a bit sticky

Hi it's a visual evoked test. They get you to look at a screen whilst you have electrodes on your head. It's used to check for conditions like optic neuritis.

It's better these days. When I first had one they used glue to stick the electrodes on.

Jacqui x