Hi everyone

What exactly is this VEP test that Im having Thursday? Anything I should be worried about?

Paula x

Hi, nothing to worry about at all. They put little plastic sticky pads on you head and you watch a TV with black dot or dots from what i remember. It’s a piece of cake and you will probably find it quite boring

sonia x

Very boring and you definitely don’t feel anything. I remember thinking ‘how can they tell anything from this?’ Then when I saw the neuro I had failed!! Confirmed my previous episode of optic neuritis he said. Good luck.

Totally boring, all I wanted to do was fall asleep watching those blooming dots. But be prepared for your hair to be all sticky and horrible aftewards. First thing I did when I got home was to wash my hair.

Notjhing to worry though dosen’t hurt at all. Good luck.



The only thing is the “gel” used for conductivity, if you have long hair a prob if you have skinhead like me it’s ok

I had a VEP last month. They just stick little pads to your scalp with wires attached to a computer thing and you watch a monitor screen of a black and white checkerboard with a red square in the middle. The black and white squares flash. I had each eye done twice (one eye is covered while you focus on the screen with the other eye, then you swap eyes). Was over in a matter of minutes. You don’t feel a thing. The only thing that hurt me was when she was scrubbing my scalp before she puts the pads on! She scrubbed really hard for what seemed like ages. I remember thinking “Thank god there are only five or six of them!”. If it was for Epliepsy it is about twenty more! The test picks up the response time from eye to brain (I think that’s what she said).

I don’t know the results yet as I go back next week for the results of VEP and LP.