Visual Evoked Potentials

I am booked in for a VEP test on Monday morning at the hospital in the next town which means I have to get up at stupid o’clock to be on the 7:30 shuttle bus from my hospital :frowning:

I had come to the decision that the lack of urgency to my follow up appointment meant that my lumbar puncture results had confirmed the neurologists ‘diagnosis’ and there was no worry that it could be something much worse (I had 3 white spots on my MRI)

Now I’m worrying again that they don’t know whats wrong with me and I still cant get a neurology appointment before June, I phoned again yesterday and they said I’m on the waiting list for one.

I saw my GP yesterday and he said my results are in but he doesn’t understand them, only a qualified neurologist can officially diagnose me. But he did swap my pain meds from Amytriptiline to Naproxen because of the nerve pain in my right arm.

Hopefully they are just covering their bases and a VEP test was mentioned when I was in hospital so maybe it has just taken two months for the referral to come through.

Hi hun.

NHS appointments can be horrendously long sometimes.

Maybe your neuro doesn`t yet feel able to make a clear enough picture for a diagnosis, without this extra test.

Unfortunately we can be left wondering, scared and worried and we are just one of many people waiting for appointments.

luv Pollx

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Good evening

I had the VEP test before I was diagnosed 3 yrs ago. My test results were normal though so I was still none the wiser.

When my neuro looked at my MRI scan about 3 - 4 months later he told me that he was 99% sure I had RRMS, and he suggested a lumber puncture. I asked him if this would definitely confirm his diagnosis he said yes, the results of the lumbar puncture did confirm what he had told me.

I know that not everyone who has these tests get the results that they may be expecting or hope for. Try not to get to down hearted if VEP results come back normal.


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Test went well, apparently the test was ordered in November but their machine has been broken, I was the first person she has had on her new computer. The results should take 7-10 days to get back to my neurologist then I will get an appointment once those are in. She didn’t tell me how I did, just that my Dr will want to see me once he sees the results

HelloTrixie Pix.

Don’t worry about the neurophysiologist not giving you the results, she’s not allowed to, even if all is normal. I hope you get an appointment before June though, that’s ridiculous.


I now have the number for my neurologists secretary if I don’t get a letter in the next couple of weeks I’m going to start pestering.

Hopefully he was just waiting for my VEP results.